Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill enters second reading debate,Vaccinated lawmakers worried


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The UK House of Commons debated the second reading of Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill on 10th Sept, last Friday. Sir Christopher Chope opened the debate on whether the Bill could be completed fairly within a limited time. Sir Chope said that Members of Parliament, including himself, who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine should be thankful that there are no more serious adverse consequences for the time being. This Bill is about all those who have suffered injury or even death as a result of enlisting in the war against covid by being vaccinated, and the government should not be playing tricks in providing compensation schemes.

According to the latest government yellow card data from Sept. 9, there have been 435 reports of major blood clots and low platelets counts, including 74 deaths. It also shows that there have been 767 cases of myocarditis, a condition unheard of in medical history. The others show that there have been 35,000 reports of menstrual disorders per month, and all sorts of other effects. Sir Joop said with a slight shudder that there have been 1,632 reports involving deaths that occurred shortly after vaccination.

Public Health England (PHE) monitors the number of people who have been admitted to hospital and died from COVID-19 who have received one or two doses of the vaccine, including data on the number of deaths that occurred between one and three months after vaccination this year, but has not provided it in the required format.

Deputy Speaker Sally-Ann Hart deliberately avoided it on the pretext that there is no need to negotiate on government policy during the House of Commons debate on a petition launched by the public for the vaccine damage payment scheme.

Under the 1979 Act, an injured person has to face two difficulties: firstly, the declaration needs to meet a threshold of 60% disability, and secondly, the maximum payment is only £120,000. Sir Chope believes that in response to the current widespread injuries caused by the Covid vaccine, the government should conduct a special judge-led inquiry, rather than suppressing information and coroner’s reports. Those who have suffered serious injuries from the Covid vaccine must be supported and compensated. Under the UK parliamentary process, the draft must go through all stages before it becomes a legal instrument and will not be included in the statute book until the summer of 2022 at the earliest.

Video: Sir Christopher Chope letting rip in the House of Commons, Covid Vax

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