COVID-Recovered Don’t Need the Vaccine, Says Dr. Peter McCullough

  • Author: peacelv
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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Dr. Peter McCullough who is an internist and cardiologist, and academic physician professor of medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine at the Baylor Dallas campus.

He thinks this whole pandemic, from the beginning, was about the vaccine. He said all roads lead to the vaccine. There are already places in southeast Asia and Europe that are laying the groundwork for a complete compulsory vaccination. I mean compulsory. That means somebody pins you down to the ground and puts a needle in you. That’s how bad stakeholders want vaccination.

A needle in every arm

There are people—or stakeholders—they do want a needle in every arm. This needle in every arm is a very important moniker. Why do you want a needle in every arm? Let’s take COVID-recovered. Can’t get the virus, can’t receive it … So why would they want a needle in every arm of a COVID-recovered patient? Why? Why? Three studies show higher safety events.

See, the tension that Americans are feeling right now as they try to keep their jobs and go to work, is they know they can die of the vaccine. That’s the problem. If the vaccine was like water and we just got it and no side effects, who wouldn’t take it? You’d say I’ll comply, they’ve got my social security number anyway in a database, I’m already marked. I’ll just get it.

But no, there’s something very unique about this vaccine. It’s something about injecting something into a body that is so important to stakeholders. That doesn’t matter for kids 12 years old were told they can make their own decision on this.

And it could be their fatal decision? But Now North Carolina just passed that, Oh, “Kids 12 years old can decide on their own decisions.”

Over 4,000 deaths following COVID vaccine

There are 4,000 dead Americans and over 10,000 dead people in Europe. That die on days one, two, and three after the vaccine.

He said why we were pushing this in a way where people’s jobs and their education and their livelihood depend on a decision that’s potentially fatal?

He said the tension is huge! There are parents that say, listen, I want my kid to go to college this year, but I don’t want to lose them to the vaccine. They know what’s going on. The internet is full of these cases: Blood clots, strokes, immediate death.

Based on safety data, “I can no longer recommend it”

Now, he said he was fortunate. And he said he has not directly lost a patient to the vaccine. He told us, most got vaccinated in December, January, February. Based on the safety data now, He can no longer recommend it. He can’t recommend it. It’s passed all the thresholds of being a safe product. It’s not a safe product. None of them are. It’s not just Johnson & Johnson. In fact, more of the safety events in the United States have occurred with Moderna and Pfizer!

There are now papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt in the program. There are prominent virologists, many of them, including Nobel Prize winners, who have said, “Listen, if we vaccinate people and we create a very narrow incomplete library of immunity, which is what the vaccine is. The vaccines are all targeted to the original Wuhan spike protein. Which is long gone. That’s extinct. Patients are getting vaccinated to something that doesn’t even exist anymore. That Wuhan spike protein is gone. All the people are hoping the immunity covers the other variants. But that narrow immunity is a set up. It’s just like giving everybody a narrow-spectrum antibiotic. If everyone did that way, what would happen? All the people grow up super bugs.