Cultural Revolution 2.0 Underway: CCP Orders Literary Circles to Learn Xi Jinping’s Theory


Translated by: Lightyear — MOS Fitness Group

As reported by the French Broadcasting News on August 31: the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Communist Party of China issued a document on August 30, requiring the Chinese literary and artistic circles to learn from Xi Jinping’s series of expositions on literary and artistic work. The Ministry also declared the establishment of a so-called moral review system, the results from the review are to be used when making decisions regarding business assessment, job title review, and rank promotion.

Creativity is the key to literary and artwork creation, there must be enough room for freedom of thinking. Under CCP’s leadership, people’s thoughts are completely tied up. The communist system is stifling the life of the literary and artistic circles. It is also worth noting that whenever something major happens that impacts the Chinese people, the CCP uses celebrity scandals to divert public attention. In fact, the CCP’s literary and artistic circles are just a tool to manipulate and fool the people.

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