DISGUSTING: Satanic Rapper Lil Nas X – “Pregnancy” Announcement Photoshoot


E! reports “Lil Nas X Divides the Internet With “Pregnancy” Announcement Photoshoot”.

This is the sole purpose of the radical left, to drive division amongst us.

This is just sick and wrong.

The Satan shoe designer and rapper once threatened to rape conservative host Kaitlyn Bennet’s father in a Twitter feud. There is something seriously wrong with this person.

Satanic Rapper Lil Nas Says He ‘Might’ Rape Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett’s Father During Twitter Spat

When Lil Nas X isn’t performing satanic pole dancing for children, the core of his audence, on live television, he’s been doing pregnancy photoshoots with people magazine for his upcoming album.

Lil Nas X Pants Split Open During Satan-Themed Stripper Pole Performance on SNL (VIDEO)

E! News seems to defend him in his recent Twitter battles that he has stoked with people, over his weird dystopian fantasy, referring to his opposers as “hostile”.

This is not right.

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