Doctors in Alberta, Canada, Used Ivermectin to Treat Patients But Got Warning From The AHS


Translated by MOS Education Group – Maverick

On October 8th, the CBC News reported that a doctor who stations in a rural Alberta hospital, cured 3 patients who contracted the CCP virus by using ivermectin, but the doctor received a warning from the provincial health authorities saying the drugs are “dangerousness.”

Dr. Daniel Nagase who stations in Vancouver said: In September, he prescribed ivermectin to Covid patients in the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre in Alberta, and patients were able to recover and leave the hospital within a week. Two of the patients were observed that their situation had “almost completely improved” within 18 hours after taking ivermectin. However, the provincial health officials refused to provide the life-saving drugs to the entire province, instead, detained them from reaching the public.

This report of the CBC proves that although the evil interest group has repeatedly prevented people from using safe, cheap, and effective drugs, more and more cases of cures have pressured the left-leaning media to take this seriously, albeit reluctant.

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