Europeans: Once Our Money is Gone, There will Definitely be a War against China


Written by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

Mr. Guo Wengui said in a live broadcast on Oct. 13 that the Communist Party has cheated the world out of money. Coupled with the virus and vaccines, the Communist Party has put the Chinese in danger.

The Communist Party has cheated the world out of money, the people’s pensions are gone, the banks are collapsing. They will all hate the Chinese, that’s my biggest fear. My Turkey buddy will probably be the next prime minister of Turkey. He said “ when you go anywhere in Europe, you can feel the atmosphere of the locals hating the Chinese. Europeans say that once our money is gone, they will definitely go to war against China and want to kill all the Chinese.” It’s scary. This Turkish dude is the future successor of Turkey, all said by people of stature. When the West thinks scientists are colluding with the CCP, when it is known that law firms and judges are bought and paid for, when pensions are cheated out, when it is known that vaccines and viruses are determined to come from the CCP, don’t they hate the Chinese?

All foreigners want the Communists to keep buying U.S. Treasuries and keep investing in Europe. Does the Communist Party have the money? It doesn’t. Xi Jinping has absolutely no idea how deep Wang Qishan and Guo Shuqing’s power is in the financial world. When these foreign debts are cashed in, Xi Jinping will definitely be dragged into the abyss and the Chinese will be doomed. Once these foreigners are dragged down by the CCP, the anti-China forces will definitely rise up. Even if they don’t sanction the CCP, they will still take their emotions out on the Chinese.