Facebook Funded Training Courses to Promote the CCP Regime


Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 夏星湖

Facebook’s journalism program has provided millions of dollars to the International Center for Journalists, the main sponsor of the self-proclaimed Beijing-based Marxist journalism school that trains individuals to work for the Communist Party media, National Pulse reported May 11.

This Facebook journalism program has also pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into news organizations and fact-checking operations, working with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) on various activities. The two entities have funded media outlets in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East to increase and shape coverage of COVID-19 while training journalists on how to conduct “fact-checking,” which Facebook describes as “effectively and safely combating widespread misinformation about “The platform’s ‘fact-checking’ has been used to silence voices critical of the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party.

National Pulse revealed how Facebook’s partner, ICFJ, funds one of the CCP’s top Marxist journalism schools, the School of Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University. Facebook sent its executives, including Vice President Lori Gore, as guest speakers. Program partners include Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg, Deloitte and the Knight Foundation, which funds many of the fact-checking tools used by platforms like Facebook.

The introductory letter from Tsinghua University’s Global Business Journalism Institute describes its explicit purpose: “to fulfill the mission of the news media as defined by the Chinese Communist Party.” In order to produce the best professionals capable of achieving these goals, the dean of the Communist-controlled school also applies what Marxism calls “good political leadership” to journalism. He said, “We must engage in firm political leadership. Our school has actively explored the theory and practice of Marxist journalism, that is, using Marxist theory to observe the world, select and manage news production.”

The Beijing-based school’s primary mission is to train journalists who lead public opinion, rather than focusing on factual, objective reporting. As a result, alumni of the program often work for organizations such as the Communist Party’s CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and People’s Daily. These agencies are major players in the CCP media and are considered the “long-standing weapons of repression” whose mission is to attack the CCP’s designated enemies.

ICFJ has also promoted cooperation between the School of Journalism and the East-West Institute, a decades-long partner and recipient of funding from China and the United States. The latter has been a partner and recipient of China-US Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) funds for decades. CUSEF was founded by the vice president of the highest-ranking entity overseeing the CCP’s United Front, which the U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission deemed an attempt by the United Front to “co-opt and defuse sources of policy and authority that may oppose its ruling CCP” and influence the actions or positions of overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments and others in support of the CCP.

With the help of Western lobbying firms, CUSEF set out to “effectively disseminate positive information about the CCP to the media, key influencers and opinion leaders, and the public,” according to Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) documents filed with the Justice Department.

In light of Tsinghua University’s alleged cyberattacks on the U.S. government, there is a “clear link” to the CCP government on technology and national security issues, according to the U.S. State Department. Xi Jinping has close ties to the university and recently met with the institution’s advisory board in the Great Hall of the People.

How can we see real information when Facebook and the CCP are working together to control the world’s media voices, cultivating their propaganda tools and using their political views to influence the facts? Fortunately, there is GTV, GNews and Gator to send the real message so we can know right from wrong, see the truth, not be brainwashed by Marxism and fight hard to bring back freedom of speech.

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