Fellow Fighter David on “Real People Real Stories” Show Post Covid Recovery


Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Lakers

On Sept. 4, Fellow Fighter David appeared on “Real People Real Stories” show again post Covid recovery, sharing a detailed description of the full recovery process, from contracting Covid-19 to being hospitalized as an emergency rescue, to finally reaching full recovery.

After fighter David contracted Covid-19, at one critical point his blood oxygen level dropped to as low as 77. He was sent to the ER by an ambulance; during his hospital stay, he had two cardiac arrests during his sleep at night. It was extremely dangerous.

Upon receiving the notice that David had been Covid infected, Mr. Miles Guo immediately contacted the chair of the Himalaya Federal Reserve, asking him to send over the life-saving drug of Dexamethasone to David. Meanwhile, Brother Long-Island of MOS also arranged for fighter Li-Ming to send Ivermectin over to him. [Ivermectin is, as we know, also a highly effective drug for treating Covid; highly endorsed by Dr. Zev Zelenko based on his clinical experiences.]  

David, who was lying in a hospital bed, gradually improved after taking the medications. During his hospitalization, fellow fighters such as Zhuoma of the Himalaya UK Farm took upon herself delivering meals for David, and all other fellow fighters around the world also encouraged and cheered on for David.

Miraculously, in just three days, David was transferred from ICU to a light care unit, and was discharged from the hospital shortly after. Throughout the process, the fellow fighters around the world galvanized together while some promptly delivered the Covid medicines and food for David. All provided morally support to help him come through the life-or-death moments.

When a fellow fighter is in need, the warmth and support from fellow fighters appear to be more cherishable and valuable. The brothers-in-arms type of bond formed among us fellow fighters is the most valuable asset for the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and it is the core strength for our NFSC to overcome all hardships.

Also, it is worth noting the importance of the live-saving medicines for the purpose of prevention and treatment of Covid: Ivermectin and Dexamethasone. Please follow your doctor’s advice when taking these medications.

GTV “Real People Real stories” show with guest David on Sept 4, 2021

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