Fight the Chinese Communist Party with songs and call for our Mongolian compatriots:《Hero》


Author: Ana

You may be aware that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) put millions of Uighurs in Xinjiang into concentration camps, and you may be aware of the CCP’s repression of Tibet, which does not allow the Tibetan people to have freedom of religion. And the CCP is also unrelenting in its treatment of its Mongolian compatriots in Inner Mongolia, erasing their culture and not even allowing them to keep Mongolian language education in the school. The Chinese Communist Party’s oppression of China’s ethnic minority people is tragic, and how many people in the world are calling for them?

The song below is sung by Mr. Miles Guo (the founder of the Whistleblower Moviment), who is singing from his soul and calling for his fellow Mongolians: taking down the CCP, standing up bravely and not leaving behind the brave qualities of the Mongolian people.

The song information is described as follows:Vacal: Miles Guo, Lyrics: William Wong, Composition: Reve Tang, Arrangement: SFG.

The song’s meaning is as follows:

Who is seizing our pasture , Who is stealing our cattle and sheep ? Who is erasing our language? Who is destroying our faith? Who is enslaving our brothers? Who is ravishing our sisters? Who is making mothers cry? Who is devastating children’s hope? It’s the Chinese Communist Party!!!

Warhorse is my life, Eagles are my wings. Wearing the boots sewed by my brother. And drinking Kumis I despise death. Getting on my horse and shouting at the wind. Facing the sand storm, I set out again. Fearlessly, blood sheds on my armor. My wound is like the burning sun.

Galloping with my horse. The eagle stands on my shoulder. Died on the battlefield is my honor. Long live the Gods. My sour is with you. We are the real owners of this pasture. For children’s young faces. For mother’s expecting eyes. Brothers, stand up and fight. Heroic stories must be told for generations to come. We are the people of the brave. We never compromise. We shout out in our mother tongue. Take down the Chinese Communist Party (Mongolian).

Song video link : Hero

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