G Times: Pluck out the weeds of the mind and plant trees of wisdom


Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu

1. What is the mind?

The human mind is like a courtyard. If you don’t tend to it diligently, it will be overrun by weeds.

Good thoughts yield good results, evil thoughts deliver evil consequences.

Introspection and learning is akin to destroying the weeds in the mind and planting trees of wisdom.

2. Understanding the meaning of fame and success

Fame and success signify the beginning of a much greater test at hand.

For the world may admire your success, but it will also be jealous of your wealth, reputation, and status, and will discredit you at all costs.

You can only stand undefeated, if you are honourable, humble, mindful and selfless, and,  if you give back to society.

3. What is philosophy?

Philosophy is the approach to how lives are lead and the way to find the truth;

Philosophy is a way of thinking and the road to wisdom;

Philosophy is the process of understanding the endless and operating laws among the big 3 –  man, nature, and the universe.

4. Heaven and hell are here on Earth.

A world of altruism is heaven;

A heaven with only self-interest must be hell.

One deemed heaven, the other deemed hell.

The way you choose to conduct your lives determine if you live in heaven or hell.

5. About ignorance.

“Ignorance” is a truth that we cannot hide, or even need to conceal.

Human civilization has developed for thousands of years. How many more years can we go on thriving? Who would dare concede to possessing total awareness, absolute knowledge and boundless capabilities?

Within the great turbulent flow of the long history of the universe, what we understand is only a drop in the ocean; in the vast universe, our field of view is not even as wide as a tiny dust in the starry space.

Boldly admit your ignorance, embrace wisdom, yearn for the truth, and keep learning.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)