G Times: Souls who know where the starting and finishing points are


Author/Picture Design: Giselle


1. Life is too unfair! Some people are born with fine clothes and  good food, others do their best to survive.

“Rocks blocking the flow of water are needed to create huge waves; branches standing in the wind are needed to create howling sounds in the valley.”

The sufferings you have experienced are, the hammers that temper your soul; the knives that carve your soul; and that which sharpens your progress.

Those rich, ignorant lives,…what diligence is left in their souls when they are dead and gone?

2. Why do some people live to a hundred , while others die young?

In the eternal river of time, life is but a tiny ripple, fleeting, vanishing, like dewdrops.

In the vast universe, is there any significance between living for one second or 10 seconds?

Only those souls who know where the starting and finishing points are, can figure out where they belong.

3. Finance offers choice, while wealth gives burden.

The right amount of wealth can free you from heavy chores and work to  learn, think, and experience the harmony and beauty of nature.

Too much wealth is a burden.

If you have a diamond that is priceless, in order to protect this diamond from being coveted by others, you must find ways to hide it. Always worrying about it being stolen. You also have to worry about being kidnapped , murdered by people close to you, and stealing your treasure….

That being the case, why should I have this?

There are no cursed jewels, only greedy hearts.

4. About anger.

Don’t get angry with things, they won’t care about it;

Don’t be angry with your enemies, this is what they like to see;

Anger can make you lose your mind and give the other person a chance to take advantage.

5. Happiness is just a feeling.

The enjoyment of material pursue, the fulfilment of desire for power, will eventually give rise, to spiritual pleasure, and sense of pleasure from being respected and recognized by others.

However, many spiritual aspects of ultimate pleasure in life do not require money and power, such as family affection, love, friendship, trust, sincerity, understanding and support among friends, inner peace, peace, satisfaction, etc…. And it is exactly such things which are overlooked by many people.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)