G Times: The three sharp weapons of death


Author: Giselle

Translation: Una

1. The characteristics of capital

Profit-seeking is the characteristic of capital. However, if capital has only the purpose of “seeking for profit”, it will go to the opposite side of human civilization and derive fraud, greed, corruption, evil and darkness.

Therefore, seeking profit can only be a way of capital, but cannot  be its only purpose.

This is because the foundation of money is trust, while the base of wealth is labor. If the entire social trust system collapses, currency will become a tool of fraud.

The reverse is also true: if money becomes a tool of fraud, the entire social trust system will collapse.

Wealth comes from people’s hard working and their wisdom. If wealth became a tool to control and enslave the people, it will inevitably affect the development of productivity.

2. The three sharp weapons of death

  • Darwin’s theory of evolution: abandoning and denying the existence of the Creator.
  • Materialism: denying your agreement with the creator and your mission.
  • Hegel’s well-known saying “what is rational is actual and what is actual is rational”: it is therefore reasonable for the existence of devil, as well as the dictatorship, control and enslavement (rationalizing the dominant position of a few elites and shaking our belief in the truth).

In the past 2000 years, human science and technology has been advanced significantly, exploring changed from the earth to the Mars. However, human moral civilization has retreated back obviously, such as the above mentioned three ways of thinking.

3. The role of psychology

Psychology can help people:

  • Know yourself, others and groups.
  • Get rid of the barbarian thinking and think rationally.
  • Communicate reasonably and effectively with others.
  • Get rid of the control from the elite class.
  • See through the conspiracy of group manipulation.

4. About the cult of personality

Personality cult is a subjective behavior, that is: no one can force you to worship anyone, unless you willingly.

There are two kinds of personality cult:

  • In an authoritarian society, in order to stabilize the regime, the ruler will package himself as a “god” and force the people to worship.
  • People actively admire the ones who has personal charm, great personality and noble behavior.

Remember: the cult of personality is just your subjective behavior and has nothing to do with the object. Thoughts are free, no one can imprison it except yourself.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)