G Times: Three Crucial Questions in Life and Morality


Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: XiaoYu

1. The three ultimate questions in life:

Who am I?

——I am the masterpiece of the creator.

Where do I come from?

——I come from the “soul incubator” of the creator.

Where am I going?

——My soul was born into the world through my body, in order to fulfil the contract between “I” and the Creator, break barriers, defeat greed, hatred, ignorance, and doubt, find the true meaning of life, and let the soul mature, elevate, qualify and return to the Creator’s side .

2. What is Morality?

If you have a piece of bread and is next to a hungry man, there are three possibilities.

1. You eat the bread, showing off that you have bread and that he doesn’t. You scorn the poor.

——You have satisfied your physical desire to feed, but you send malicious, cold, indifferent and other uncaring messages to others. Your soul will fall.

2. You eat the bread and pretend that the poor does not exist.

——You have been physically satisfied, and you have gained a sense of fullness, but your soul has not been elevated.

3. You share the piece of bread with the poor, because you are also very hungry.

——You have been physically satisfied, and at the same time, your soul has been elevated because you convey your kindness, love, warmth and other human brilliance to others.


Bread represents your material wealth;

The poor represent the civilians who have nothing to do with your interests.

Hence, to convey your benevolence to others all the time is morality.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)