G Times:Why can’t people commit suicide?


Author/Picture Design: Giselle

Translation: Una

1. The Cyberspace Administration of the CCP issued the “Notice on further strengthening the management of chaos in the fandom” on the 27th, proposing to cancel the ranking of all celebrities, optimize and adjust the ranking rules, control the brokerage companies strictly, regulate fan group accounts and standardize fund-raising behavior and so on.

Why does the CCP want to governance the entertainment industry?

  • The most easy way of money laundering is in the entertainment industry. An ordinary movie can have an income of billions, so money laundering has reached a very rampant level.
  • The CCP needs a lot of money now, while the stars are tremendously rich, so they definitely are the target to be hunted.
  • The number of celebrities’ fan group is too large, some can reach tens of millions. They are not only well organized, but also disciplined, together with so many diehard fans can constitute a very unstable force and is not conducive to the rule of CCP, so must be dismissed!
  • The celebrities always know or have an affair with the high-ranking officials, some maybe is the parent of their illegitimate children.

2. The US Supreme Court rejected the decision to extend the application period of the Tenant Protection Order. Pelosi, a Democrat and chairman of the US House of Representatives, stated that the Supreme Court’s ruling was “very cruel”. Affected by the epidemic, a large number of tenants can’t pay for the rent and are homeless in the United States.

——These homeless people are not caused by the American real estate renters, but by the Biden administration.

So, don’t shift the point!

Figure out the source of the virus! Stop vaccination! Unblock! Use Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Ivermectin and Zinc! This is the ultimate solution to the homeless people.

Of course, saying this to the Biden administration equals to that we are persuading the devil not to kill people, or advising the CCP not to be evil! It’s meaningless!

3. Why can’t people commit suicide?

——It is like that you suddenly turn off the power while playing the game and quit the game abnormally; or the game is not over yet, but you delete it directly. Both actions are breaching of contract or cheating and would be punished.

Assuming that the soul wants to come to the world to experience, before coming, the soul signs a contract with the Creator, e.g., all kinds of inability and forbidden, including the inability to commit suicide.

If the mission is not completed in this life, the soul will continue to reincarnate in the human world until it overcomes the greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and doubt, and understand the true meaning of life. After that, it can pass the test and return to the Creator.

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