Gone with the Climbers Who Were on Tower on CCP’s Centennial Birthday While Beijing and Shanghai Factions Fighting


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Following the October 7 run on Ping An Bank in Ningbo news, the news of Thailand’s richest man Xie Guomin and his family joining the Chinese nationality was speculated on the platform again. At the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party’s birthday, there were few climbers and guests in the Tiananmen square or on the Tower left. It is speculated that these climbers or guests were labeled as “climbing the tower to observe the ceremony” but were “locally detained.” These entrepreneurs and tycoons have been placed under house arrest or charged after the trip.

Xie Guomin used to be the richest man in Thailand. His father, Xie Yichu, founded the Zhengda Group, which was the first foreign company to invest in the mainland after the reform and opening up, obtaining business license No. 0001 of Shenzhen.

Zhengda Group’s variety show “Zhengda Variety” was created especially for the Chinese Communist spy Yang Lan to explore the international market. Xie Qirun, the niece of Xie Guomin, is one of the manufacturers of Covid-19 Vaccines. She is the chairman of the board of directors of China Biopharmaceutical Co. In 2013, Zhengda Group funded the full acquisition of HSBC shares and became the largest shareholder of Ping An Group.In the first half of this year, with CITIC Securities as the sponsor, Zhengda Group submitted its main board IPO to the Shanghai Stock Exchange for acceptance. Two major sectors which are agriculture and pharmaceuticals are simultaneously preparing to enter the A-share, or yuan-traded, stock market.

Guests invited to climb the Tiananmen tower for the centennial birthday of the Chinese Communist Party included Xu Jiayin of Evergrande, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, Wang Xing, CEO of Meituan, and Shen Peng, founder of Waterdrop. They were now all in a financial crisis exposed one by one. Faced with several waves of attacks from the Xi faction, Jiang is quite hesitant in whether to fight back.

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Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1589213/

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