Gotham City Hill: On Single Party Rule, Greg Gutfield Has It Exactly Right

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The Gotham City Hill

Last Friday in the opening monologue of the popular nightly show Gutfield!, Greg Gutfield asked – why have so many once beautiful and desirable American cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles devolved into crime ridden, homeless abundant, drug addict paradises?

Some say it’s a byproduct of our pandemic. Others insist it’s the “new norm” and will pass when we get everyone vaccinated. Or is it as Gutfield suggested, the results of single party government where clueless policies are short-sightedly implemented and the necessary checks and balances this country’s founding fathers understood were needed, are no longer there?

More importantly what can we do to stop it spreading before it’s too late?

I can’t imagine anyone satisfied with a status quo of homeless, drugged-out, mentally deranged zombies roaming NYC’s streets. So at least I’ll assume we can all agree we need to solve this. But many will not agree with the Gutfield theory that the root cause of these urban dystopias is having single party government however I’m not one of them. Consider me a true believer.

Ok, so to better understand and prevent it, we do need to examine how we got here.

Is it possible that only one side has all the good candidates and all the best ideas and solutions? Unlikely.

Full disclosure – I’m one of those who believed the Presidential candidate that had rallies with people lining up by the hundred of thousands waiting for days to see him would easily prevail in a contest against an opponent who rarely left his Delaware basement to campaign and when he did, he had difficulty drawing even a few dozen. But when the smoke cleared I was proven wrong and the latter prevailed and with a record vote no less. So yeah, call me crazy.

But I digress …

How did we arrive at single party government? Does one side – and oddly always the same side it seems- have all the better candidates with the most attractive ideas and solutions naturally attracting the most people and the most money to wage the best campaign?

If we all agree we need to fix a real problem, and I believe we do, then we need to examine each election component.

So is it better candidates? Better campaigns? Better ideas?

Even if the seats in New York’s city halls and houses of congress may not be turning pink any time soon, we should vote in Republicans and Conservatives to better balance the city’s agendas and budget so it is at least fair. Because we’ve now seen what happens to a city when there is one party ruling. And it ain’t pretty.

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