Graduate Was Fired Because Of Refusing To Work In The “996” Way In China



Translator: Yexing

Auditor: Dandan

Image Source: Internet

The deputy director of the company said “it is our responsibility for the employees to keep them working daily until 9 p.m.” “ 996 ” means working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for 6 days weekly in China was recommended by the Chinese government .

Since the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Jack Ma has expressed the 996 concept as Luck and Reward, all companies in China are greatly encouraged to applause the overtime work culture. 

Jiang joined the Shentong Express (one of the leading express companies in China) in July 2020 as a fresh graduate. On 7th September the deputy director announced a new rule in the department that everyone should work until 9 p.m. In a disclosed video the deputy director said, “You are only 22 years old, too young to get into love. It doesn’t matter if one lives without lover in the first 5 years after graduation. I don’t think it is a good idea to find a lover in a rush and believe that he/she is exactly the one who accompanies you in your whole life.” Jiang said he and his college get off work usually after 6 p.m. Even though the tasks have been finished, they are not allowed to leave the company. Jiang did not obey the new rule and left at 6 p.m. The second day he was fired as a result of his problematic work attitude. The human resource told him, “If you request arbitration, you are not to have an exit agreement. You are then to be dismissed and arbitrated. As a fresh graduate, are you going to live with arbitration for the whole life?” Jiang chose to submit to arbitration. It is adjudicated that the Shentong Express terminated his contract illegally and is liable to pay compensation. The company appealed to revoke this judgement. 

There are millions of similar cases in China in recent years, for example Pinduoduo, the second-largest e-commerce platform just after Alibaba. Employees are treated so badly in most Chinese companies. They have to stay in companies for 12 hours even if they have ended their work for this day. They are forced to work as a robot but not a human being. The labor law acts only as paperwork with little effect in China ruled by the communist party.