Greece Is Cooperating with The New Federal State of China (NFSC) and Will Provide Millions of Passports


Translated by: MOS Translation Group – Snorlax

Mr. Guo Wengui revealed the news that the NFSC and the Greek government are negotiating cooperation while he was live streaming on GTV yesterday. The Greek government will probably provide one million passports for the people of the NFSC. It is also offering some islands as bases for the development of the NFSC. The NFSC will build various infrastructures on these bases, including hospitals, schools, and etc.. More importantly, after the fall of the Chinese Communist Party, the NFSC will educate and train many talents at the bases to support the rebuilding of the new China.

As we all know, Greece is the birthplace of human civilization. The country has a long history and beautiful scenery. It is a paradise for tourists in the Mediterranean Sea. The cooperation between the NFSC and Greece will give a greater boost to the NFSC and will become a holy place for the hearts of the people of NFSC. 


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