GT Online: 70 Family Foundations around the World Control the Main Chemicals Used to Make Vaccines


Written by: Ermat

Recently Mr. Guo, in a continuous live broadcast, elaborated on what vaccines are, who are controlling them, and the future crisis they will bring to humanity.

Vaccines use lipid nanographene as the main chemical, which is smaller than PM2.5 and cannot be excreted or degraded by body cells. It is toxic and strongly carcinogenic, and will never be removed from the human body.  Communist China, Dinghui, Blackrock Fund, HNA Group, Jiang Zhicheng, etc. and roughly 70 family funds in the world such as Wall Street, Switzerland, Russia, etc. control and manipulate over 80% of the global graphene resources and over 80% of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. The evil forces have jointly planned to create and manipulate the whole CCP virus and vaccine disaster.

People who have been vaccinated, mistakenly believe it is safe, and run around without masks are more likely to catch the virus.  People who have been vaccinated are the most dangerous.People who have been vaccinated and re-infected with the virus have a longer incubation period and are the most dangerous to themselves and those around them.