GT Online: Communist China Financial Stability Report Indicates All P2P Lending Websites Have Been Closed


Written by Potato

Proofread by April on Earth

Image: Sina

According to a report from Sina on September 3, 2021, The People’s Bank of China released the “China Financial Stability Report (2021)” on September 3.

The report shows China’s gross domestic product (GDP) growing by 2.3% in 2020, with the economy surpassing 100 trillion yuan. The report points out that the CCP ‘s financial system is committed to serving the real economy and has made important milestones in preventing and resolving major financial risks. The high growth of China’s macro leverage ratio has been basically curbed,

The report particularly points out that all P2P lending websites have been fully shut down. However, who at the beginning did promote such P2P lending business? CCP used to encourage the internet finance economy including P2P lending business. Now it just simply says “no” due to so-called financial risk without taking any responsibility, only CCP can be so shameless like this and Chinese people should never trust them and better invest G series established by Miles Guo!