GT Online: Communist China is Taliban’s Sponsor in Reconstruction of Afghanistan


Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

During his live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China, repeatedly explained the Middle Eastern countries. Radical extremists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries share a common feature—selfishness and greed—they are only willing to get but not willing to give. They take others’ donations for granted and can turn against their sponsors if the money flow is stopped.

This is the characteristic of Taliban in Afghanistan. When they are showered with gifts, they treat their sponsors with great respect. Once the sponsor can no longer afford such donations, the Taliban will be the worst enemy. 

What price will the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pay after it forms a pact with the Taliban? Let’s first take a brief look at the current situation in Afghanistan. On September 1st, the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ramiz Arakbarov, warned that Afghanistan’s food reserve could be exhausted as early as this month. The Afghan people living in war and turmoil may suffer a catastrophic famine. Years of war have destroyed critical infrastructure in Afghanistan, including medical facilities, power utility, and water supply systems. No one is currently repairing them.

On September 3, Taliban spokesman Mujahid said in response to a reporter, “(Communist) China is our most important partner that offers us a fundamental and unusual opportunity, because (Communist) China is willing to invest in the rebuilding of our country.” He also indicated that the Taliban enthusiastically looks forward to (Communist) China’s participation in the reconstruction of Afghanistan—it is Afghanistan’s passport to the world.

What is needed for the reconstruction of Afghanistan? It is one word: money! First, the food crisis in Afghanistan requires an urgent solution, so the CCP must provide food immediately, at least to ensure the food supply of Taliban soldiers. Second, investment is needed for infrastructure construction. How much money does the CCP need to provide in financing? Afghanistan is a war-torn country that is short of money in all aspects. How much hard-earned money must the common people in China pay to support Afghanistan, a country of little relevance? How many people in China will starve to death because of Communist China’s international spending frenzy?

Mr. Guo once predicted the CCP will definitely pay a heavy price for the Taliban’s greed. The CCP apparently scored a brilliant victory in Afghanistan, yet what awaits the CCP is the Taliban’s insatiable greed. When rogues make friends, the more reckless rogue wins. In this regard, there is no doubt the Taliban is an even more reckless group of hooligans.

Sadly, the common people in China have to pay for the CCP’s evilness. How much price do the common Chinese people have to pay before fully waking up?