GT Online: Ma Mingzhe can Make You a Billionaire Easily


Written by: Ermat

Mr. Guo said in a live broadcast on Sept. 3 that officials can decide who will be rich.  Ma Mingzhe can make you a billionaire  with one look.

Ma Mingzhe’s life is the life of the Communist Party’s “reform and opening up”. He controls banks, insurance, securities, investment banks, and Lufthansa. He is the major shareholder of HSBC. He is a shareholder of many banks in the world and has more than 70,000 financial products, involving Wen Jiabao’s mother’s family, Che Feng’s family, Jiang Zemin’s family, Zhu Rongji’s family, Li Changchun’s family, Zhang Gaoli’s family, and Huang Huahua’s family. The entire Ping An Group’s shareholder changes span almost the entire course of the Communist Party’s reform and opening up. None of the Guangdong officials were not involved.

Ma Mingzhe invested in Huaxia Happiness. At the heart of the rivalry behind the collapse of Ping An Group was Lufthansa. He used Xi Jinping to take out DDT and Ant Financial Services. Now it’s his turn.