GT Online: The Serious Long-Term Effects of CCP Virus and Vaccine Have Been Widely Ignored


Translated by Potato

According to a report from STdaily on September 11, 2021,   it quoted the Lancet study which indicates that for most patients who recovered from CCP virus, their health status remains below average.   

Long-term effects include sleep disturbances, hair loss, taste and smell disorders, headaches, joint pain, anxiety or depression, breathing difficulties, fatigue or muscle weakness, and even effects on the nervous system.

At a congressional hearing in April, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins cited a study suggesting that 11-15% of infected young patients may eventually have long-term effects of the CCP virus.

The article actually aims to criticize that the U.S. has repeatedly made the mistake of letting people travel around, let the unvaccinated children being exposed to the CCP virus, and ignores the serious long-term effects of the CCP Virus. However, the CCP China has not fully reported the long-term effects either, let alone the death toll! As the data of vaccine long-term effects are not sufficient so far, but for sure that could be another big issue as well.

Actually, the CCP virus contains fragments of Middle East respiratory disease, SARS, AIDS, and cancer. CCP virus and vaccine are the cluster bomb, they are bio-weapon to the world!