GT Online: The Very Few Communists and Russia are the Real Devil behind Vaccines


Written by: Ermat

Recently Mr. Guo said in a live broadcast that very few communists and Russia are the real devil behind the vaccine and more than 99% of the people are victims.

The shareholder Pioneer Group has over 70 communist shareholders. They took the lead in controlling the shareholding and controlling the material resources. Very few people in the Communist Party and Russia knew the inside story and were involved in the planning. They are the real devils. The Communist Party’s Standing Committee and Politburo members do not vaccinate. More than 99% of the people in the process do not know the inside story and are perpetrators as well as victims. UAE executives and their families were also vaccinated with the poison vaccine. Many people within Pfizer were also vaccinated.

The advice of the doctor Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko was the result of curing thousands of people. Ivermectin enables patients on oxygen to leave ICU beds and be discharged. The former President Donald Trump also recovered from the disease with a regimen of hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and vitamins.

There are different types of vaccines, those that kill you quickly, those that kill you slowly, those that save you and those that don’t and many more. But it is absurd that only the CCP has it and no one else does.