[GT Online] Yue Xiaoyong was Appointed as a New CCP’s Foreign Ministry Special Envoy to Afghanistan


Author: Grace

Proofreader: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: Baidu

According to a report published by China News Service on July 21, the CCP’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced at a regular press conference on July 21 that Yue Xiaoyong, who served as the CCP’s ambassador to Qatar, Jordan, and Ireland, had been appointed as the new CCP’s Foreign Ministry Special Envoy to Afghanistan, replacing former envoy Liu Jian.

According to the report, Zhao Lijian said the Chinese Communist Party has always attached great importance to communication and coordination with relevant parties and international cooperation with Afghanistan. He even vilified the U.S. for its recent announcement of a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Zhao Lijian absurdly accused for causing successive explosions in many places in Afghanistan.

From the replacement of the special envoy for Afghanistan and Zhao Lijian’s absurd accusation of the U.S. withdrawal, many people may have reckoned that the U.S. withdrawal in Afghanistan has already affected the CCP’s power in Afghanistan to some extent.


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