[Headline News] Japanese Government Allocates 19 Billion Yen for Collaborating with TSMC


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The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade,  and Industry has announced on May 31st that 19 billion yen will be allocated to collaborate with the semiconductor giant “Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing” (TSMC) in semiconductor research and development (R&D) and manufacturing technology. More than 20 Japanese companies will participate in the establishment of the chip technology research institute.

The fund will come from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which mainly includes two major projects; 5G communication infrastructure research and development and cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing technology. Participants include not only Shin-Etsu Chemical, Asahi Kasei, Ibiden, Sony Semiconductor, Sumitomo, Showa Denko Materials, Shibaura Mechatronics and other well-known Japanese companies, but also research institutions such as the University of Tokyo.

The cooperation between Japan and TSMC covers the entire chip industry chain from R&D to raw material supply and manufacturing, showing the sincerity and depth of cooperation. TSMC has cooperated with a number of semiconductor companies in mainland China and was a chip supplier of Huawei. TSMC’s announcement of setting up a new R&D facility in Japan shows TSMC’s attitude to transfer its Asian chip chain away from Chinese Communist Party.

The cooperation between TSMC and Japan is mutually beneficial cooperation. TSMC is a world-renowned chip developer and manufacturer, and has accelerated its global expansion in recent years. It can rival IBM in the field of chip research and development. Recently, TSMC and the MIT released joint research results on a breakthrough in the research of a 1nm chip using semimetal bismuth as a two-dimensional material contact electrode. Japan cooperating with TSMC is beneficial for boosting the Japanese economy and gives advantages to Japanese companies in the highly competitive chip industry.

In the increasingly tense situation between the Chinese Communist Party and the United States, Taiwan’s independence and international status have become the focus of controversy. The chip industry is a pillar industry in Taiwan, accounting for about 30% of Taiwan’s GDP. TSMC’s cooperative development organization in Japan will help consolidate Taiwan’s dominant position in semiconductor and chip manufacturing.

As Japan and Taiwan are part of the U.S. First Island Chain strategy, strengthening economic and technological cooperation between Japan and Taiwan is consolidating the U.S. strategic deployment of security in the Asia-Pacific region and forming a closed circle against the Chinese Communist Party.

Reference source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1293400/

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