[Headline News] Project Veritas’s Investigation leads to San Antonio Election Fraudster Arrested


Reporter:  GodCountryFamily            Reviewer: Rica

 Jan 13, 2021, Austin — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced in a press release that a San Antonio woman, Raquel Rodriguez, was arrested for widespread vote harvesting and fraud. If convicted, Rodriguez could face up to 20 years in prison.

Photo Credit: www.TexasAttorneyGeneral.gov

Project Veritas’s investigation revealed that Rodriguez committed vote harvesting. She also promised to deliver 5000 votes for $55,000 in cash. Rodriguez released a letter afterward stating that she was suspicious about the people who interviewed her and just played along to gain information against the investigator. O’Keefe released the original letter in a tweet. In her letter, Rodriguez stated that she was a community activist committed to helping underserved people of San Antonio. She is a certified Deputy Voter Registrar of Bexar County, Texas. She claimed to have registered over 22,500 new voters in the past year and a half, as the founder of Love Thy Neighbor Voting Squad.

The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, is a self-proclaimed “guerilla journalist.” Project Veritas was vilified by legacy media such as Brian Schwarz of CNBC, who claimed that Project Veritas was aligned with President Trump’s agenda of undermining the election. O’Keefe was outraged by this claim and called out journalists who did nothing about the voter fraud but punditry, censorship and attacking those who did something. O’Keefe asked journalists to stop being cynical and to change the world by changing themselves. Project Veritas demonstrated that real journalism matters. He made his speech in his office where the motto of Project Veritas hangs prominently on the wall: Be Brave. Do something.