[Headline News]CCP’s Disinformation Campaigns In Taiwan


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As the CCP virus cases are rising in Taiwan, the news such as “Tsai Ing-wen tested positive for Covid-19”, “Su and other DPP members hold a lot of stocks due to inside information, and they have been preventing the purchase of emergency vaccines in order to get rich”, and “they want to sell the vaccine and expand the epidemic” went viral on Taiwan’s social media.

The Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (TCECC) said that the CCP disinformation campaigns sought to spread the disinformation. The TCECC asked the public not to share false information.

The TCECC said that police traced the false messages that were maliciously spread and it was found that the IP addresses came from outside of the country. The words used were simplified Chinese characters and most werer Chinese local terms.

Executive Yuan spokesman Lo Ping-cheng clarified and pointed out that national security agencies have confirmed that Beijing has ordered numerous disinformation attacks on Taiwan. The intention is to mislead the nation, weaken people’s trust in the government, create social confrontation in Taiwan, and undermine the morale of the epidemic prevention team.

Reference: https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/politics/paper/1450313

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