Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 10, 2021


Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Many social media users pointed out that there was a massive blackout at the Vatican, and Pope Francies has been arrested. Mr. Lu De believes they are spreading such news now, which signals that something big would happen at the Vatican.

o Mr. Lu De has confirmed with his source and says the Pope did not get arrested.

o With the U.S. election results settled, we should next pay more attention to the coming papal conclave, which most concerns the future of humanity. The Vatican will be the next battleground between good and evil.

• Mr. Lu De extends the discussion on the blackout.

o Vatican’s electric grid may be brought down by hackers.

o The dark forces have successfully completed the first two steps of human domination, technological monopolization, and virus spread. And now they will start propagating the damages of climate change to implement electricity restrictions or blackouts.

• Pope Francis’s personal doctor has died as a result of complications due to Covid. o Mr. Lu De agrees with Dr. Mo that Coronavirus has become a perfect tool for the dark forces to kill their rivals without any judicial investigation. All it takes is a death certificate from the health system they control.

• According to Xi Jinping’s news reported by several Chinese Communist Party(CCP) media outlets, Xi may not even pass out the signed documents or orders out of the bunker today.

o Xi must watch Lu De Media’s show from yesterday. He now began to wonder who had revealed his post-surgery condition to the Whistleblower Movement.

o Mr. Lu De reveals that Xi has actually set up an information tracking and feedback system. For example, Xi gets his information through cable-connected CRT TVs and written daily reports from close associates. However, he can still be traced, and he needs to stay away from modern technological civilization. Those who really want to assassinate Xi Jinping are his enemies within the evil CCP.