Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on August 30th, 2021


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In his live broadcast on August 30th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that artemisinin is an antidote to the CCP virus. The following are the highlights of the live broadcast.

I didn’t plan to broadcast today. I was about to attend a hearing, but it was cancelled as one of the attendees had contracted Covid. This is what I mean that everything is uncertain right now. I will talk about the core of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) today. I will also tell you three words. If we can get those three words right we will also be able to find the antidote.

I hope people are watching the live stream with patience, especially when the world is in chaos, people should be humble. What’s wrong with the saying that you have to give up your kids to catch the wolf? It’s the parents’ fault. What wrong did the wolf do to people? The wolf eats meat all the way. Now it is the CCP who has given the world to the wolves. I’ll correct a mistake from yesterday’s broadcast. People should not eat animal oil. Any oil that comes from animal fat is inedible. Rats die after eating animal oil that is roasted in high temperature on fire. It’s poison.

Himalaya Coin Quota

I reached out to the old shareholders of GTV. They all volunteered to give up their coins when I said I would cut the coin quota of large investors. Thanks to these fellow fighters. My appreciation will definitely turn into action and I will get them more benefits.

A Summary of the Broadcasts in the Last Few Days

No one would doubt that the CCP released the virus. You can see the shadow of the CCP, the swamp, and the major drug companies behind the vaccine campaign. The CCP does not represent us Chinese. The collusion between the CCP and the dark forces does not represent us, the ordinary people. Pfizer is now heavily marketing Covid vaccines to children. We talked about vaccines containing graphene, clogs in capillaries causing all kinds of infarcts, and post-vaccine religion and culture. There are no servants in this world, but there are definitely masters. The earth will not exist if the sun is a few degrees warmer. Human behavior at the moment determines whether it is hell or heaven. The recent rumors from Big Head Lude that Ben (Lao Ban Zhang) ran away and that I flew a plane to escape are ridiculous. Whether we can be in heaven or not all depends on our current behavior. If someone says I am a Buddhist and I am the Buddha, then you simply have not grasped the essence of the religion. I have seen all kinds of gurus preaching, and I have not yet seen one who does not charge a fee. Have you seen them manifesting? If he promises the future, none of this can be trusted. I don’t believe in charging money or manifesting. Reaching into the pockets of our fellow fighters is not allowed. Religion and culture have too much influence. Anyone who wants to die and is not afraid of death should not watch our show. Don’t talk to me about religion and faith. I am all about keeping people alive. That’s what I believe in.

What steps did the CCP take after watching our broadcast? How many people in the world went out and bought hydroxychloroquine sulfate? How many of those who were skeptical in the past are now firmly supporting it? How many countries and organizations came to see the message on our Gettr? Hydroxychloroquine sulfate plus zinc is effective in preventing Covid. If you catch Covid, add ivermectin. If it’s serious, use terramycin, but ivermectin and terramycin can not be used at the same time. You can take the medicines for seven or nine days in a row. 

Now the world is facing a life and death battle. The world’s major investment institutions do not think Ping An Group will have problems. We are not guessing for four years. It is intelligence. Now Ping An Group is finished.

The cultural movement is a completely personal vendetta.

This photo is of Shi Yongxin was pretending to be a god, in which one of my “girlfriends”  also presented. This photo is of Xi Jinping when he was young and could still have sex, which he can’t now. This photo shows Xi Jinping’s sister, Qi Qiaoqiao, who is the real boss. The crackdown on the entertainment industry has nothing to do with money. They will definitely end up like this. I know everyone in this. There is a grudge against them involved here. When Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution, he didn’t want others’ children to end up well. 

I said yesterday about not eating Chinese seasonings. This advice is from a parent in the food industry whose child is our fellow fighters. The parents sent him abroad so he would never come back and not eat Chinese seasonings, which are all harmful. Now the CCP calls the Cultural Revolution a cultural movement. Hao Haidong revealed that the anchor Juping (a former children’s show host at CCTV) loves sex, and they are obsessed with this. They worship Wu Zetian (China’s first Empress), known for incest and promiscuity.

Look at Freud’s analysis and learn about Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. Look again at Mao, the Emperor of Japan and the Queen of England, you cannot avoid two core themes in human history: sex and money, and the power of bigwigs. The cultural movement is definitely not for the benefit of the state, but entirely a personal vendetta. This hatred comes from the top leaders of the Zhongnanhai (CCP), and these leaders remember the hatred against these stars. Just like Jin Renqing (the former CCP Finance Minister), a 1.8m man who set himself on fire and was reduced to a 1.2m corpse. He has seen through everything.

An Antidote to the CCP Virus

Which of the past live streams has moved you the most? Each fellow fighters shared their thoughts exceptionally well, and reading the messages from them is the most enjoyable for me. All Buddhas and all gods are actually among our fellow supporters, all with high wisdom. It’s okay to think of anyone as a god, but not to think of evil as your god. For me, the most important thing this time is the vaccine, and now is the most crucial moment. People should never be vaccinated. Ivermectin and terramycin can save lives.

D-NAB, Neutralizing Antibody is an antidote to the CCP virus. Most of the antibodies bind to the antigen. The NAB destroys the virus. Both neutralizing antibody and binding antibody can be used to act with interferon B. This is Dr. Friedman’s research. NAB is the necessary foundation for biochemical research and biochemical pharmaceuticals. NAB is the fundamental element and means for coronaviruses and vaccines, and cannot be bypassed! The CCP possesses the NAB antidote. This antidote is capable of rapidly wiping out the virus covering the surface of the body cell . Chinese athletes at the Tokyo Olympics were quietly given this protective agent so that none of the Chinese athletes were infected. There are sprays as well as tablets, paste, solvents, and now the CCP has over five such antidotes, all of which have the same effect.

Artemisinin works best. There is huge pressure behind today’s revelation.

Young hosts have great interaction today. You represent billions of fellow fighters. What was said today seems very easy, but it is very stressful because someone could be persecuted to death for it. This thing is really very stressful for me and I don’t know how to speak it. If I’m wrong, they’ll call us liars, and if we’re right, they’ll wonder why we know. We want to speak up, to get Countries to believe us, and to get them to take action. I’ve been distracted for the last two days thinking about this and the fact that they say the name of this medicine must not be disclosed yet. This fellow fighters told me this information and he said he prepares to die every day. In fact, there are two drugs available in China right now as antidotes. Our Chinese Nobel laureate Tu Youyou’s medicine definitely works. Ivermectin, terramycin and azithromycin are very effective, but the one that is most effective after a real infection is Tu Youyou’s artemisinin.

What will happen after Mr. Guo tells the world about the antidote?

I sent out a Gettr post about Bill Gates stopping Covid vaccination yesterday, that’s a satire story. I’m sure he’ll do that after today’s broadcast. Covid vaccination won’t last more than two months. We are really making history. The fellow fighters behind the scenes have given so much. The complete destruction of the CCP in 2021 is the greatest reward for them. We can meet up happily anywhere and continue to contribute. We will turn the earth into heaven and uphold justice. I believe the world will be greatly changed as well. The western world will surely ask the CCP for the antidote. We have given this information to various countries. They have analyzed it based on the travel patterns of the CCP’s leaders. They concluded that it is not the way the CCP prevented the virus well; They definitely  have some kind of antidote . 

How many people have died from this viral infection? The worst of it is the vaccine, and there are booster shots that are now making people dependent on the vaccine. Scientists tell me that booster shots do nothing but increase your infection rate. We are on the edge of hell every minute of every day, and today we speak out about the antidote. So how are we all going to act next? 

Artemisinin which is used for health or medicine, is also effective against the CCP Virus. Tu Youyou will surely be the hero to save mankind. Tu Youyou’s artemisinin is effective, as are artemisinin quinine tablets.

Take down the CCP with music.

Some of our fellow fighters would listen to my song “A Roar of the Vast Sea” on their way to work. Back then, the culture of Hong Kong and Taiwan influenced a generation of people, and I would definitely sing it well. Many of our fellow fighters are too nervous. I am really worried that they will get depressed. The rate of depression and suicide in China is very high. The secondary disaster caused by the virus is indescribable. By singing songs and talking about religion and culture, we can save mankind. We’ve found a way to get rid of disease and save people, and more importantly we’re not asking anyone. The CCP said to someone on the American side that they would exterminate us, the Whistleblower Movement. The American said that everything else can be discussed, but the Whistleblower Movement is a matter of life and death for the whole world, so it is not negotiable.

Spread the truth of antidotes.

A week ago our Himalaya Farms have stocked the artemisinin, all strategically prepared. Our fellow fighters and G-Series investors must have a priority to get the medicine . The most awesome people in the world will definitely watch my live broadcast and could well explain my points. You should not complain to God. All we have to do is to spread the word. The cause is inevitable and the effect is faith. Always be virtuous and do good deeds, and don’t ask for any results. 100 VPNs in Fujian probably have 15M. to 20M. users. Many of our fellow fighters are very wise and have gone to the medicine stores to buy them. Always remember, veterinary medicine cannot  be used for human.

The CCP gives children to the wolves every day.

Fifteen US soldiers died and Biden flew to pick them up. Americans always put the people first and are humanitarianism ,they are grieving for that. No one cares about the 1,500 dead in Afghanistan. More than 100,000 people died in the Zhengzhou flood, does anyone care about them? This shows whose life is worth something and whose life is not. Who spoke up for those dead Chinese? Why is it so easy to forget the deaths of our compatriots? Does anyone care how many of our compatriots died from the CCP Virus? So many people died in the Zhengzhou man-made disaster and it was covered up. 19,000 people committed suicide in the Hong Kong Movement, more than the total number of suicides during the British rule of Hong Kong. Xinjiang definitely had over 300,000 deaths. What would it feel like for ordinary people to be raped and gang-raped? What if it happened to our own family members? This is how selfish, cowardly and self-deluded we Chinese are. What does religion and faith have to do with our lives, and what does it have to do with real interests? The last thing we don’t want to talk about is also what the CCP does not want you to talk about. The fact is that social relations are sexual relations, genital relations. The CCP has turned us into a group with no concept of community, each only sweeping snow in front of his own door. The CCP is now giving children to the wolves every day.

Don’t take any chances.

When it comes to invading Taiwan, the CCP thinks that no amount of fighting can exterminate 1.4 billion people in China. They are thinking not about how many people would die, but about percentages. 

Some once popular singers especially wanted to join us. I told them that even if they were given Himalaya Coins, they could not get them because the CCP won’t let them get a single coin. He was naive when he said their songs were so deep in people’s hearts that the fans wouldn’t let the CCP take them away. Two days ago he was stopped by a police  on the road and detained for five or six days. All his mobile phones, computers, bank deposits were taken away and all his overseas relatives returned to mainland China . A well-known director was arrested in a parking lot and he looked like a different person. The CCP has killed so many people in man-made disasters. Where have our religious people, conscientious aspirants and intellectuals gone? Evergrande Group is the Lehman Brothers of China. The fall of Ma Mingzhe is a series of political operations. 

The CCP’s Attack on the Whistleblower Movement

According to some people’s report, the Zhongnanhai said that if Miles Guo cannot be exterminated, they would turn him into a figure like Sun Yat-sen or Washington, and make good use of him. The recent attacks on Ben and An Hong were organized. They attacked Brother Changdao and the Himalaya Alliance. They posted An Hong’s photos and materials, which I investigated. I discovered that they were not An Hong’s words. 

There is no truth in the mainstream media.

You are all very excited today when we speak of the antidote because you can be saved, but no one thought about those compatriots who died in Zhengzhou. Human behavior absolutely determines where you go. The impact of these broadcasts has been huge. All those major world social media outlets are just bullshitting to make advertising money, completely ignoring those who died at home. They thought the death of a few American soldiers was too much to bear. The evil of politics and men far outweighs the death of the war itself. All the media prohibits to talk about hydroxychloroquine sulfate, ivermectin, and azithromycin, and their propaganda is to get you to take the Covid vaccine, neither legal nor compliant, nor faith based. Why are we like this today? Because the world has been enveloped in darkness. They have increased the killing and pillaging to suit their interests. That story about Bill Gates is definitely not a joke. He would have to do that in the end. The cure will save a lot of people, but at the same time we experience the sorrow of a whole world shrouded in darkness and vaccines killing a lot of people. We need to do everything we can to keep our families from getting Covid vaccines, from getting a second and third shot. People should definitely take these medicines.

Where is Tu Youyou and her team?

The lyrics of “A Roar of the Vast Sea” are really well written, like “Time to get together at Pangu now” and “A laugh from heaven, take out a sword to behead the red demon”, which is already a connection with all fellow fighters spiritually. Some people say that I seem to be happy every day. We Chinese should be living happily, because we do not owe anyone. Those who know Tu Youyou should check where she is and where all her team members are. Those who die in China are poor and disabled people.The Covid vaccines are definitely divided into different classes. An important person in the vaccine industry will come forward to tell the truth publicly. Hundreds of millions of people around the world believe our Whistleblower  Movement today. Many of those watching our broadcast are medical experts who finally understand why people were drawn to research the manufacturing process of artemisinin some time ago.

Ivermectin, Terramycin, and Artemisinin

If any Himalaya Farm fails to have these stockpile medicines, it will be disqualified. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, ivermectin, terramycin, artemisinin  must be stocked for emergency. People who had the Covid vaccination should take these medicines, which work very well. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate is for prevention only. Ivermectin, terramycin, and artemisinin are used for after you get infected. Ivermectin can remove the toxicity of the vaccine. Terramycin helps to raise blood oxygen. Artemisinin is both an antidote to the virus and vaccine.

There will be a big shuffle of positions of local officials in the CCP.  

In the face of domestic financial issues, the real estate policy, the relationship between vaccine politics and vaccine economics, and future directions, our fellow fighters in the CCP regime are particularly worried. Kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey. So the CCP will kill the chicken but not the monkey? The Cultural Revolution of the old days always killed the monkeys. The big shuffle of positions in the CCP’s regime is like the “Go to the Countryside” Movement during the Cultural Revolution. Now 80% of the CCP officials trained in the Party School will have to move out their allocated house unconditionally. It is like changing water in a fish tank. Everything will be exposed. The Communist Party is meeting on how to safely get through the 20th Congress, which is to “clean up those around the emperor” and purify the teams. We will discuss these specifically on Wednesday’s live broadcast. 

What we care about most is education and laws, but the most important thing now is to save our lives first. We have to have money to get a better education system. The timing is very good for us right now. The virus is hitting the education industry the hardest. We have to do the real education of the future.

Ninety million Party members think they are aristocrats. The landlords back then were sitting on their hands and did not resist. At that time when Liu Shaoqi was purged, Peng Dehuai also did not think he would be purged. All felt that it was not their turn. This is the herd mentality culture of the Chinese nation. The Communist regime itself is the same, thinking that no one else will do anything to it. The worst thing about Chinese Confucian culture is that it can tell anything bad as a good thing, exploiting the cowardice of all people and leaving everyone without individuality. The Communists will definitely attack Taiwan. 

There are many stories of how the Soviet Union collapsed overnight. The CCP has studied these thoroughly. Putin was very good at this back then, sending rich people to jail, letting them go after begging for mercy, and taking them back immediately if they dared to speak out the truth. How did the world look at Putin then? They thought he wouldn’t survive more than two years, but now Russia is the second largest military power in the world and  even NATO is afraid of Russia. How many communists did Stalin kill? He killed people in unimaginable ways and many had no choice but to commit suicide. Let’s look at today’s diplomacy, the seven oligarchs and the communist diplomacy. They all learn from Stalin and Mao and use the same strategy as Putin’s. We must study the history of these men, because that is modern history, and that is the truth.

Closing Remarks

There are only two possibilities for anyone who can challenge the lion in any situation: to be scared off and run away, or to be eaten by the lion. So don’t do it by chances. The CCP will always whisper the word and will always kill the monkey. Too many leaders in the West have been BGY (Blue-surveillance, Gold-money trap, Yellow-sexual trap, meaning corrupted and captured) by the CCP, which is the fundamental reason why they are afraid to face the vaccine and virus, but the truth will surely come out at the end. 

Our young hosts today are all fantastic and give hope to the New Federal State of China. We are giving hope to humanity in the midst of joy, and the darkness will disappear without taking away a piece of rosy clouds. We are here today at the most pivotal moment in history. We are doing the greatest Cause  that mankind has ever seen. We are heeding the mission of the heavens and are fulfilling the dream of our New Federal State of China. Thank you, Brothers and Sisters. See you on Wednesday.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live video.)

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