Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 13, 2021


Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW


I dislike the word “sustenance.” Dejiaoshe asks you for money and demands you listen to him. “Keeping concubines” and “sustenance” are entirely different concepts. What can he offer me if I listen to him? And I have to give him money? Where are the 20,000 viewers of Big Head Lude’s live broadcasts? The CCP buys the YouTube views for him. When I reach out to you for donations, I must be the devil. That’s a ridiculous thing in the world.

Guo Wengui is a hot keyword.

A week ago, Jason Miller was the headline of the world, and now I’m the headline of the world. At present Google searches for my news are skyrocketing. The Wall Street Journal story about us being fined is viewed every 0.2 seconds.

The person saved by the ambulance downstairs, I believe, collapsed from the side effect of the Covid vaccination. I had an unpleasant time with the security staff because Xiaosiji couldn’t pass the security check, and two of them quit. Big Head Lude says that Xiaosiji is a professional killer specially trained. If Xiaosiji is professionally trained, then we need him even more. The more professionally trained and the more the Central Security Bureau invests in the Whistleblowers Movement, the more important it is. We don’t want Shit Nuo, Xiong Xianmin, Xia Yeliang, and the like. These sons of bitch are just envious and jealous. Xiaosiji should ignore them.

Mr. Guo will take money from the CCP.

The report says that we have been fined $539 million. Have you ever thought about it? The CCP fined me 13 billion yuan in a single Dalian case and robbed a 5 billion yuan Pangu building of 500 million yuan. The family fund has hundreds of billions of dollars of securities in Haitong and Founder with a dividend income of 10 billion yuan a year, so this $539 million is nothing. I said I wanted to take the money over the air from the CCP. Zhou Xiaochuan’s money laundering is nothing but manipulating finance, securities, and real estate notes, while I built a pool to launder all the CCP money. Our Himalaya Exchange can hold the whole universe’s money. I helped the funds make much more money from oil and gold futures than the $539 million, which is not money to me. The brothers in arms don’t have to worry about the $539 million. I tell you not to worry. Life is a game of numbers, but the brothers in arms will not lose a penny.


(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live video.)

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Live stream: https://gtv.org/broadcast/watch/613f728b751e4f2b0e51d7c7

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