Highlights of the Live Broadcast of the First Anniversary of the New Federal state of China on 4th June, 2021(8)


Transcription : Melbourne Athena Himalaya / Zhi Shi

Proofread: Melbourne Athena Himalaya /Lish

Highlights of National Pulse’s journalist – Natalie Winters’ speech at the main conference. 

1.Thank you, it is such an honour to be here as both a journalist and someone who lives in Washington DC. It’s not often that I’m surrounded by so many people who also want to take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There are so many people here who are united in the common goal of taking down the CCP and exposing how far their reaches both in the United States in the west and really all across the globe.

2. I am an investigative reporter at the National Pulse, a report primarily on the Chinese Communist Party, and it’s my favourite topic to report. I don’t need to tell you guys about how deep the CCP has its hooks and tentacles in American society. The CCP has literally own and control the media production and cultural production of the United States of America, and someone needs to fight back. It is people like you, outlets like the National Pulse and shows like the War Room that is brave enough to do that,and it really has an important fight because without voice like yours like mine like the wonderful work of Steven K. Bannon and we wouldn’t have really changed the tide on COVID-19, the CCP virus.

3.  I like to talk most about how the Western media outlets are really at the back and call of the CCP. Journalists from every single mainstream media outlet literally taking free trips from the Chinese government in exchange to give “favourable coverage and disseminating positive messages about the Chinese communist party. This is the kind of disinformation Warfare that we see every single day in the United States, and that’s why more and more American people are starting to wake up and realise that our mainstream media outlets don’t report the truth, but narratives and those narratives are made by the CCP. We need to get the CCP out of American society. We need to understand the grip that they have over every aspect of America. There are organisations and institutions that are setting curriculum in kindergarten classrooms, who were partnered with CCP publishing socialist nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes about XI Jinping and Mao Zedong. So, it’s no surprise that you see the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement up there praising Mao Zedong. There is a direct link between these movements in the United States that want to subvert every value that we have that has been quintessential and crucial to the American spirit since the founding of this country. In fact, the Chinese communist party wants to see America fall.

4. I think there’s a movement going on with the Republican party, which is really trying to take the American first Direction, making the United States a country that puts its workers first, everyone first, the people first. You guys want to see a China that doesn’t put the CCP first, but that puts everyone first and makes sure that every single Chinese citizen has a right to own a life that is one of dignity, not one of repression and primarily one of freedom. So I thank you for the work that you’re doing. It’s an honour to be here; it’s an honour to speak with you. I think I will be missed if I do not conclude my speech with six words: “take down the Chinese communist party”!

Refer Link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1295307/