Hong Kong Implemented Real-Name Registration for SIM Cards in effect today, Marking More Loss of Freedom and Democracy


Translated by: Freedom

On 8/31, ZiJing.org reported the Hong Kong new telecommunication regulation (registration of SIM Cards) will take effect on 9/1. The regulation requires all Hong Kong telecommunication operators and providers to register the user’s real (legal) name before activating the service. This regulation will be enforced in two phases. The first phase is transition and infrastructure upgrades, and the second phase will be in effect on 3/1/2022. Starting now, all SIM cards must be registered with a real name before activation is complete. Current users have until 2/23/2022 to register or update their account with their real names, otherwise they will be deactivated as the second phase rolls in.

photo from hk01.com

The real name registration implies all users’ identities can be shared with the CCP by the mobile phone operators. This will be a high risk to all anti-CCP Hong Kongers. They will be easily identified, restricted, and banned on internet accounts, and their personal safety may even be threaten. Sadly, this real name registration will be another iconic event in the loss of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

Reference link: http://4g.zijing.org/?app=article&controller=article&action=show&contentid=852033

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