Hong Kong Singer and Activist Denise Ho Loses Concert Venue, Forced to Change Concert to Live Online


Translated by: MOS Fitness Team – Lightyear

Hongkong Singerr, Denise Ho

Deutsche Welle reported on September 1–Denise Ho, a singer and supporter of the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement”, was originally scheduled to hold 7 concerts at the Shouson Theatre of the Hong Kong Arts Center from September 8 to 12. However, on August 31, with only 8 days left till the performance, Denise received a sudden notice from the Hong Kong Arts Center to cancel the lease of the venue. The center cited the right to cancel the terms of renting a venue if it might endanger public order or public safety, but it did not provide any specific evidence or explanation.

Denise Ho said she could not agree with the decision of the Art Center and announced today that the concert will be broadcasting live on the Internet at 8 pm on September 12. Since last week, Hong Kong’s pro-communist media “Sing Tao Daily” and “Ta Kung Pao” have repeatedly criticized Denise Ho, stating that the Hong Kong Communist Party’s law enforcement agencies are “very concerned” about whether her words and actions are in violation of national security laws and may initiate investigations.

Denise Ho is one of the few performers who have publicly expressed their political stance on the “Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement”. During the Umbrella Movement in 2014, she expressed her support for the students and performed at a solidarity concert. As a result, she was banned from mainland China. In July 2019, she delivered a speech at the UN Human Rights Council, introducing the brutal suppression of Hong Kong’s “anti-transmission” movement, and called on the UN to convene an emergency meeting to protect Hong Kong people and remove Communist China from the Human Rights Council. In September of the same year, Denise Ho, Joshua Wong, Sunny Cheung, and others attended a hearing in the United States demanding sanctions on the CCP and the Hong Kong government, and met with the President of the House of Representatives Pelosi.

The sudden cancellation of the lease of the concert venues this time has aroused people’s concerns about the freedom of performing arts in Hong Kong under the National Security Act. More importantly, it revealed the ugly behavior of the Chinese Communist Party and the Hong Kong Communist Party government to suppress dissidents.

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