If Vaccinated, Then the Red Cross Can No Longer Use Your Donated Blood To Help COVID Patients


September 7th, 2021

Source: Internet

According to the donation requirements at the Red Cross website (see Figure), blood donors have to register their vaccine manufacturer. Interestingly, if you received live attenuated COVID vaccines, like those from China and Russia, you must wait for two weeks before you can donate blood (i.e., giving you enough time to produce COVID specific antibodies); but if you receive Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, or Novavax, you do not need to wait.

As we know, convalescent plasma, containing antibodies from infected COVID patients, has been an effective lifesaving agent for the recovery of COVID patients. In the US, there is a ~5% daily increase of COVID infection; however, the Red Cross has shut down its convalescent plasma program on June 14th and its reason was due to the “decline” in hospital demand.

The organisation’s “Answers to Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines and Blood, Platelet or Plasma Donation Eligibility” (Ref. 2) clearly states that “the antibodies that an individual produces when they’ve been exposed to the virus are ‘slightly’ different from the antibodies that an individual produces when they’ve been vaccinated.” “An individual who has received a COVID-19 vaccine will produce antibodies to the spike protein of the virus, but not the nucleocapsid protein, which will only occur in the event of a COVID-19 infection.”

So, if vaccinated with S-protein only (DNA, mRNA, or protein), the antibodies produced may not be able to protect you from infection, according to the Red Cross. If so, why do they still collect those vaccinated with such vaccines? Is this to collect DNA information or is this some sort of ‘experiment’?

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Writer: Alexandra/TCC PR:TCC

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】