In Response to the CCP’s Military Expansion, Japan Augmented the Defense Budget to 50 Billion USD


Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team – Chevalier

The Ministry of Defense of Japan announced on August 31st that the pending defense budget for 2022 will be 50 billion USD, in order to accelerate the research and development of new military fields/technologies, in response to the challenges brought up by the military expansion of the Chinese Communist Party. Japan’s defense budget has been growing for ten years. If approved, the 2022 budget will be the highest in Japan’s history. Along with the subsidies for the U.S. military stationed in Japan, which have not been included, the budget will also break the Japanese cabinet’s longstanding rule that states, “defense budget must not exceed 1% of GDP.”

In response, Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Communist China, accused Japan of “making excuses for its military expansion,” at a regular press conference. However, in recent years, the CCP’s own military budget has increased and has reached five times that of Japan’s defense budget! Its frequent military operations have seriously threatened the security of the South China Sea and the surrounding countries in the Taiwan Strait. The Japanese government has pointed out in the 2021 Defense White Paper that stabilizing the situation in Taiwan is essential to Japan’s security and international social stability, and expresses its strong vigilance and worries about the CCP’s military ambitions. Japan’s Cabinet Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi said in May this year, that in facing the continuous military expansion of the CCP, Japan must improve its defense capabilities at an unprecedented speed.

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