Join the Local Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest To Fight for Our Rights and Freedoms


Miles encourages the warriors of the Whistleblower Movement (WM) from Canada to participate in the local anti-vaccine mandate rally. 

  • Canada supports the New Federal State of China in every way except Justin Trudeau. He is still trying to collude with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretly. Our Canadian WM warriors need to show where we stand and vote him out this time. 
  • Trudeau once gets re-elected, he will surely make vaccination mandatory nationwide. If this happens, it’s impossible to have enough antidotes to save those vaccinated multiple times.

David from the Himalaya London Club received a lot of attention for his appearance on GTV this morning. It’s his strong will and faith in the WM to make him recover so quickly from the CCP virus.

  • Miles again warns everyone to stay away from the CCP virus.