July 11th, 2021. A Date to Remember


By YC @TorontoFarmEN


THE date to remember — As Lude Media Team (DingGang Wang aka Lude, Dr. Bo, Ailiah, and Dr. Mo), Dr. Lawrence Sellin, and Dr. Limeng Yan openly accused Mr. Wengui Guo (Miles Guo), the leader of the Whistleblowers Movement and founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) of being an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

It was first started when Sellin tweeted on Sunday, July 11th (Now deleted) “Until yesterday I had never heard of Bruno Wu Zheng. As a neutral observer, it appears from court documents and other news items that these two guys use their time and money to smear or sue each other and others in the U.S. court system as to which one is the corrupt CCP member.”

For all the Chinese whistleblowers, I mean true freedom fighters, we know who Miles is. And we know who Wu Zheng is. Ever since Miles started the Whistleblowers Movement back in 2017, we’ve come a long way, just to name a few —

We learned that BGY means much, much more than a new vocabulary. The “Blue-Gold-Yellow” plan which the CCP mastered in the past decades is almost invincible across continents. Miles probably is one of the very few exceptions on this planet to defeat any BGY tactics.

We learned that “13579” means much, much more than a string of numbers. The world was given the warning by this gentleman at the Hudson Institute in 2017, that the CCP had long been planned the bio-chemical warfare attacks, targeting the West civilizations, Japan, and India.

We learned that HNA Group’s Bankruptcy and the co-founder’s death were inevitably doomed because anyone who works or colludes with the CCP for money and power will ultimately get the party’s “special care and treatment”, like Wang Jian or Jack Ma, it’s only a matter of when and how.

For those of you who did not know what we (Chinese whistleblowers, freedom fighters around the world, and citizens of the NFSC) already knew four years ago, now you know.

And you should also know that Bruno Wu Zheng is a real, special agent of the CCP. It was, once again, exposed by Mr. Miles Guo years ago. Just go to justice.gov search for “Bruno 6611” and find proof for yourself.

And we have yet to touch upon the freedom fighters and their anti-extradition protest in Hong Kong, and what Miles had done for them in the past.

We can’t just include every piece of work that this man has done for the Chinese, for Americans, and for the world over the last four years. One article too short.

We also can’t know all the inside info or intelligence. As a matter of fact, none of us is an agent of the CCP, we make judgments based on simple, plain facts.

Part I.

Based on facts, what we CAN tell, is how deceitful and untruthful Sellin’s accusation is —

The background of this tweet here is when Miles was truly irate about Elmer Yuen’s false claim, that “All the 90 million members of the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable and, if necessary, prosecuted” for all the crimes that the CCP has committed to the world population. If this came true, what would happen? Did anybody with a conscious mind would think that each and every one of the 90 million CCP members knew, constructed, and implemented the BGY tactics? The “13579” plan? The secret of Xi and Wang? The Hong Kong Protest? And the CCP Virus? If 90 millions knew all of these, how come Guo was the only one who bravely exposed the dirty truth and darkness of the CCP? Further, did we witness all the Nazi members were prosecuted during the Nuremberg Trials? Isn’t it clear that the majority of the 90 million party members, like the rest of us in the west, as well as the deplorable in mainland China, except the kleptocrats and their families who’ve been running and ruling this totalitarian regime system for decades, were completely ignorant and unaware of the evil plans and attacks of the CCP until Miles disclosed everything about them? Isn’t that difficult to understand Miles’ total anger and frustration here, Colonel? This is NOT about whether or not one can work well with others, it is about real lives. And real-life matters. Innocent people will die if Elmer’s false and unethical suggestions pass through Bannon, Trump, and other western leaders who, at the time, without fully understanding how the CCP engine runs, would be very likely to make a false and unfortunate judgment, which would lead them to wage a war against all the CCP members, or even against 1.4 billion innocent Chinese people.

Imagine if that happened, it would only work in Xi’s favor to invite all the party members to unite around him, brainwash the average Chinese with ease, and stand up against the rest of the world. The 90 millions would have no choice but to die with Xi and the party because there is no amnesty whatsoever in Elmer’s proposal. Without doubt that the CCP is the murderer. But only the top kleptocrats and their families who knew everything about their evil plans, plotted their evil plans, along with those dark police and overseas agents like Bruno Wu Zheng who executed their evil plans should be put up for trials. Miles and the New Federal States of China are working hard to take down the CCP — not to take away lives from over 90 millions. The goal of the Whistleblowers Movement is to eradicate the communist system in China, once and for all.

Here, Zhang Wei, the former engineer in Miles’ GTV team was found to hack into the backend database, changed the server password, attempted to steal the user’s personal information, and took control of the system. With all the whistleblowers’ privacy and identity on the line, such data could well be sold to the CCP for blackmail purpose and even more severe causes. This criminal act was clearly illegal and highly unethical. That was why Miles was furious about Zhang Wei’s unlawful action. Because he truly cares about each and every fellow fighter’s safety and well-being.

It worths to point out, that Wumaos (cyber army for the CCP) and the real CCP’s foreign agents like Sellin and Waller (colluding with the CCP) were always found to intentionally mislead the general public in the means of cutting and putting together short video clips from the Internet, without giving the audience the full background of the story. Shameful, we say!

And if you, Dr. Sellin thinks that Miles should have no connections with the MSS of the CCP in order to prove that he is not a CCP agent. Excuse me! But I just can’t wrap my head around with your stupidity and naivety.

Without intelligence, because I myself not a spy of the CCP, I cannot comment on the matter of whether you, Sellin was threatened or, if so, by whom. But to accuse Guo of trying to sell Dr. Yan back to the CCP, it is like when the CCP told the world that the virus may well escape from Fort Detrick in Maryland. How come a man who helped the doctor fled to the US with his connections, resource, and money from the Rule Of Law Foundation, a non-profit organization that he himself founded and dedicated to “expose corruption, obstruction, illegality, brutality, false imprisonment, excessive sentencing, harassment, and inhumanity pervasive in the political, legal, business and financial systems of China” suddenly was charged with sending Yan back to the devil? Total nonsense.

When Dr. Yan came up with her three reports and brought the truth of Covid 19 to the west, yes, she was the hero of this world. But when she turned her head to maliciously and falsely accused Miles for being the “man behind everything” who tries to silence her, this is the textbook “BGY” play and the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare at its best. No human being on planet earth except those traitors or agents who work secretly with the CCP on the darkest and most disgusting matters can fully deny everything she was appreciated about her lifesaver in the past, and all of sudden defamed him with no bottom line whatsoever. By accusing Guo of being the agent of the CCP, Yan, Sellin, and Lude’s team are sending the real hero of the Chinese, namely Miles and his supporters in millions of Chinese whistleblowers to the death penalty. These devils are attempting to make the separation of the Chinese people including the freedom fighters and the Chinese Communist Party impossible. Just like Elmer Yuen and Secretary Xi, Lude, Yan, and Sellin want to “hang us all!”

Again, when we (Chinese whistleblowers, true freedom fighters, citizens of the NFSC) are under attack by Yan, Sellin, and Lude’s team, do we simply sit still and wait to be hung? Are we not supposed to fight back for our lives, freedom and justice? You want to talk about facts, logic, and independent thinking? Let’s use facts like what we did above. Let’s map out the logic of “Guo is a CCP spy”. Let’s make some intelligent judgments based on non-biased arguments. Shall we?

Miles Guo Wengui has never been a dissident? If you tell me a guy who’s been working literally 7/24 non-stop, night in night out, exposing all the evil plans of the CCP well ahead of time, including his latest warning to the world about their elevated biochemical weapon attacks toward the west, if you tell us he has never been a dissident, are you treating us like a 3-year old, Colonel?

He fled China because he was on the losing side of a CCP power struggle? Did you see how rich and free Miles is today? Four years ago? Ten years ago? Convince us that a man like Miles with a such great fortune would be obsessed with power struggle within the CCP system?

His fake anti-CCP stance is directed against one CCP faction & used to gain U.S. asylum as a back-up? Pro-CCP or Anti-CCP is not defined by words, tweets or talks but by action. Both of what you described here and your action have told us nothing but you — 塞林、路德团队、闫博⼠有⼤问题!你们是中共特务! I know you enjoy reading Chinese very much.

He would fast return to the CCP if his faction gained power? Tell us, Colonel, which faction is Miles with? Which side are you on, then? What would Miles benefit or gain by eliminating the party that he’s dedicated his life to, to create yet another communist party? Anyone helps me with the logic here?

Are we talking enough about plain facts, logical reasonings and non-partial arguments here?

Part II.

Now, Lude — thank goodness you are talking about facts, too! Let’s dig in.

In your July 12th night show you pointed out that GTV.org was ranked in a very poor position (90193 at the time of writing) on a 3rd party web, like the one below.

But hello, Ph. D Group? Are we talking about Alexa and Alexa ranking? For real bro, Dr. Bo? I don’t know what other content marketers use for content optimization but I don’t, and my colleagues do not. Just like Twitter and Facebook are being manipulated by elite powers, in the real world that is of facts and data, we don’t talk about how good Alexa is, or how superior its mother company, Amazon is. Just because Amazon is a big name, that doesn’t mean that we have to use Alexa or Alexa ranking. How about another more reliable and accurate site called SimilarWeb, and let’s see what we can find.

What do you say? Now in terms of which site you found more reliable, though it’s everyone’s choice, Alexa has a history of being criticized for its inaccurate measures, not only because the traffic numbers are behind a paywall, but more importantly, “Alexa ranking” is almost useless for measuring how good a web is, let alone that most people who actually use GTV often are on its apps, not on the website. For any meaningful numbers, such s users, transactions and engagements, nobody uses Alexa because Alexa is barely OK for studying trends, not reflecting real traffic numbers.

For example, guess who ranked 3rd, 4th 5th, and top 20 on Alexa?

Can you tell me that Baidu.com, Weibo.com, or even Xinhuanet.com brings Freedom of Speech and Freedom of The Press like what GTV.org, Gnews.org or GETTR introduces to the Chinese and the world like never before? Can you imagine the rank, numbers or estimates that GTV, Gnews, GETTR will achieve once the Great Fire Wall is torn down and the CCP’s censorship is nowhere to be found on planet earth? As a matter of fact, the numbers listed here are completely jokes. Let’s dive into some real numbers on a more reliable web, where SimilarWeb (SW) claims that —

“We leverage hundreds of sources which we categorize into 4 distinct groups:

  1. Global Panel Data from hundreds of millions of desktop/mobile devices
  2. Global ISP Data from partners with millions of subscribers
  3. Public Data Sources from over a billion sites and app pages every month
  4. Direct Measurement Data from hundreds of thousands of sites and apps”.

Seperia and other digital marketing agencies also conducted researches and suggested that “SimilarWeb’s data was quite accurate in terms of reporting traffic trends, and distributions no matter the size of the site.” Because SW is simply “powerful crawling (2 billion web pages/month), and they have over 200 million monitored devices in over 190 countries. Whereas Alexa merely monitors users online behavior via their browser extensions, with data collected from websites that have the Alexa script installed”, as shown below in the screenshot. This is why Alexa’s data isn’t accurate as many would’ve thought. And lastly, if we compare the data, estimates and trends obtained from SW, we would find that it indeed mirrors what we can have from other trustworthy tools such as Google Analytics.

So, let’s quickly scan through what GTV metrics looks like, compared to…YouTube in 2006? Only no-brainers would compare YouTube of today vs. GTV (1 year old) as of now. But we don’t have data from YouTube in ’06. So why not use Youku.com which is a clone and equivalent of YouTube in the CCP China nowadays?

First of all, this image shows that GTV ranked #818, not #90193 in the global ranking on Alexa. The country rank (US) is also quite higher than what Alexa ranking gives us. We learned that SimilarWeb is, in fact, a more accurate tool to use than Alexa. So let’s get Lude’s false claim out of the way rather quickly and easily.

In addition, what Lude was totally ignorant about, was that he misinterpreted “Keyword Gaps”, as shown in the screenshot below, as the “Top Keywords”, or the “Most Searched Key Words”.

And thus he believed that “路德社” is the top trending word phrase on GTV.org across a long period of time. But most of the whistleblowers and GTV users knew that any content from Lude Media channels on the platform was just removed from the website and on the app by the official GTV team on 12th. This explained that GTV site suddenly did not gain any traffic from the keyword “路德社” on GTV on 13th. Instead, as many users would want to find out what went wrong with Lude and Yan (i.e., what made them betray their heart of justice, freedom loving and truth digging), they would certainly visit Lude’s channel on YouTube for more details.

Same logic applies to “gnews”, which ranked second in the “Keyword Gaps” above. Again, this means that most users who searched for Gnews would end up landing on the actual Gnews site, since they would not be able to read any articles from GTV, a streaming platform. But evidently, GTV and Gnews are only complementing one another, not a direct competitor. Alexa does explain on their website, that “Keyword gap analysis is the process of finding keywords that drive traffic to your competitors (Lude’s team and his channel on YouTube, though, by no means that they were, have become or will turn out to be the Whistleblowers Movement or the GTV’s competitor on any given day, because there is only one truth, and only truly will prevail), but not to your site (GTV). In other words, a keyword gap analysis helps one uncover valuable keyword opportunities that you are missing out”. In this case, however, one could expect that “路德社” or “闫丽梦“ or “塞林” would not be even near the “valuable keyword” status anymore in the long run. GTV, Gnews, GETTR and any social network within the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China would not find such keywords as missed opportunities by any means.

Let’s look at the bounce rate — According to Wikipedia, a bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (” bounce”) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. Everyone knows that an optimal bounce rate is in the 25% – 40%

Whether that is by organic search or by channel engagement, the bounce rate of GTV is beyond excellent in the 20% neighborhood. Excellent.

Other generic metrics —

Global rank: Again, considering that GTV is just 1 year old, and is being heavily blocked by the CCP in China, we’re pretty darn good.

As we can expect from the map below, again, imagine the Fire Wall is torn down and Freedom of Speech is introduced for the first time ever in mainland China, what would GTV rank?

Also, don’t forget that the only referral sites for GTV.org today are still mainly Twitter.com and Gnews.com. Plus, we are yet to introduce any monetizing mechanisms (ads or cryptos) on GTV. As the figures and data in this section clearly indicate that GTV already surpassed the YouTube
equivalent made by the CCP-controlled China.

Enough said? Enough facts, logics, independent thinking and arguments? All of us, including you — Lude, Sellin and Yan — the traitors of the freedom, liberty and truth, from bottom of our heart, we know that Miles is the last one in the universe who’d like to see that you became who you are today. Miles’ love of freedom, his heart for the Chinese and his will to take down the CCP is beyond question. There is absolutely no word from any dictionary, in any language, among any race, that we can find and describe what kind of things Sellin, Yan and Lude and his team have done to the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal States of China just in a matter of days.

Yes, we (Chinese whistleblowers, fellow fighters around the world and citizens of the New Federal States of China) are incredibly nice people. Miles is the best of the best in terms of his kindness and goodness. But, do not underestimate the heart and determination of a true freedom fighter.

Of True Freedom Fighters.