Katyusha News Reference ——May 22, 2021


Ⅰ. The New Federal State of China News

1. A high-level probe into Chinese Communist Party ‘spies’ working in British universities could lead to arrests within weeks. Specialists at the Foreign Office, Special Branch and HMRC have drawn up a list of academics suspected of passing sensitive information to Beijing, including pioneering British technology that could be used to aid the repression of minorities and dissidents.

2. U.S.-China Tech Fight Opens New Front in Ethiopia. The East African country said May 22 it tapped a group of telecommunications companies led by the U.K.’s Vodafone Group PLC to build a nationwide, 5G-capable wireless network. The group had won financial backing for the multibillion-dollar project from a newly created U.S. foreign-aid agency.

3. Chinese Communist Party’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, will visit Russia for the 16th strategic and security consultation between the two countries starting Monday, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on May 23.

4. The New York Times reported on May 22 that classified documents posted online by Daniel Ellsberg, a source for the famed “Pentagon Papers,” revealed that U.S. military planners had pushed for a nuclear strike against the Communist Chinese mainland in 1958 to protect Taiwan from an invasion by Communist forces.

5. The U.S. will keep Chinese telecom giant Huawei on a trade blacklist, take no immediate action toward social media platform TikTok, and continue to evaluate tariffs, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told media on May 20 in a wide-ranging conversation about U.S. policy toward CCP.

6. May 21, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued 11 fine tickets against five banks impose penalties, the total amount is as high as 366 million yuan. The report shows that financial management and real estate-related businesses are the hardest hit areas for these banks to violate regulations.

7. On May 23, Wanda Group’s official website showed that as of May 2021, Wanda Group had all withdrawn from the board of directors of AMC, and only retained a minority stake in AMC, with a cumulative recovery of US$1.476 billion.

8. CCP is using Covid-19 vaccines to push its political and trade agenda across Latin America and the Caribbean, and the U.S. risks losing influence in the region without prompt action, lawmakers and experts say.

9. The Chinese Communist Party of is working with Singapore and other ASEAN countries to build a sea route from Chongqing to Jakarta, Indonesia, through the Beibu Gulf of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to an official announcement by CCP at the 3rd Western China International Investment and Trade Fair held in Chongqing from May 20 to 23.

10. “Developing green finance and building a financial system that helps promote innovation in the real economy” are the main focus of so-called financial construction, Lu Lei, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said at the 2021 Tsinghua wudaokou Global Finance Forum.

11. Environment and climate ministers from the G7 ended a two-day virtual meeting May 21 by pledging to halt new international financing for coal mines and power plants this year, isolating the Communist Party of China on the issue of coal.

12. Lithuania has dropped out of China’s “17+1” group and urged other EU countries to follow suit, the Baltic state’s foreign minister said.

II. World News

1. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth visited the country’s new aircraft carrier May 22, named in her honour, before it leads a flotilla of Royal Navy ships to Asian waters on its maiden operational voyage.

2. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee vetoed bipartisan legislation to protect personal data not getting by third parties during the CCP virus outbreak.

3. A new survey of Trafalgar Group has found that more than 40% of Americans have lost faith in White House health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci in the past year.

4. North Korean authorities have distributed food supplies for a year to law enforcement and other security agencies in a move to shore up loyalty to the regime at a time of general shortages across the country, North Korean sources say.

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