KY Group to Erect Billboards Saying God ‘Loves You’ If You Abort Your Child; Ken Ham Pushes Back


Is God ambiguous about abortion? Does He love us more for killing children in the womb? According to digital billboards being erected by the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (KRCRC), the answer is yes.

The Billboards, set to launch throughout the state over the next two months, tell passersby that God and abortion are compatible:

  • “Good people have abortions. God knows and loves you”
  • “Walk in my shoes before you judge my abortion”
  • “Abortion: a personal decision between you and God”

The pro-abortion “religious” group claims these billboards are necessary because “for too long, America’s religious right has dominated the discussion about abortion.”

According to the group, Bible-believing Christians are wrongfully “shaming women” by “telling them that abortion is a sin,” and it is time for Kentuckians “to hear a different truth.”

“For many Kentuckians who have had an abortion – a medical procedure one in four American women will have had by age 45 – this may be the first time they’ve ever heard anything other than that God would disapprove,” Diane Snowa, a board member of KRCRC, said. “Our message is of a loving God who understands, and who offers free will. Those choosing abortion deserve compassion and love, not shame and harassment.”

Ken Ham, the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum based in Kentucky, is pushing back, rebuking the Pro-Abortion billboards in his state.

So a group called “Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice” is putting up billboards in KY that state, “Good people have abortions, God knows and loves you.” So how do they define “good?”

Jesus said, “No one is good except God alone” (Mark 10:18). So the attributes of God define what is “good.” And our good God said, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). Abortion is the murder of a child made in God’s image, right from fertilization.

This group says God “loves you” if you abort a child. Now, our God is a God of love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. But the one true God also said, “The Lord hates….hands that shed innocent blood,” (Proverbs 6:16,17) which applies to such children murdered in their mother’s wombs.

These billboards are publicly promoting child sacrifice to the “god of self.” The people responsible need to repent of such blatant sin. And yes, God does forgive when there is true repentance and promises to “remember their sins no more.” (Hebrews 8:12).

Just as this pro-abortion group is working hard to deceive, Ken Ham and the creation museum are working hard to open the eyes of people in Kentucky and throughout America to the truth. Ham and his team recently opened a “fearfully and wonderfully made” exhibit that demonstrates God’s hand of creation and the value and life of children in the womb.

“The biblical (and scientific) truth that speaks so powerfully against abortion is boldly presented in our brand-new Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit here at the Creation Museum, west of the Cincinnati Airport. It’s a celebration of life that displays how God values the lives of the unborn and how they are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.”

Answers In Genesis has also made the resources from this exhibit available to order online to be used as a witnessing tool to counter our pro-abortion society.

“Just as God is using the exhibit at the Creation Museum to save babies and bring healing to women who are victims of abortion, we pray that this valuable tool will help you point others to God’s gift of life . . . and to the gift of eternal life that He offers to all who repent and believe.”

Ham in his article, “Abortion—Is the Bible Ambiguous?,” also explained that it is a massive failure on the part of Parents and Churches that there are so many Christians today who are “wishy-washy” on such an important issue:

Abortion is the killing of an unborn child in his or her mother’s womb. There’s really no other honest way of describing it. Actually, there is another word for it—murder. So-called “pro-choice” activists (really, “pro-murder” activists) use terms like “reproductive freedom,” “health care,” or “a woman’s right to choose” to try and make abortion sound like anything but what it is—the intentional murder of an unborn child.

It is a massive failure on the part of parents and the church that nearly half of professing Christians believe the Bible is wishy-washy or unclear on the sanctity of every human life, including the unborn. Scripture is not ambiguous—it is abundantly clear. People just either don’t know their Bibles, have never been taught to use the Bible as their starting point, or are suppressing the truth that is abundant from God’s Word and science to go along with the culture of death and its message that women can only be free if they’re legally permitted to murder their own children. Really, abortion is nothing but child sacrifice under another name.

Parents and pastors—don’t just assume your children, grandchildren, or congregations understand that abortion is a vile evil, that it is sin, and that God’s Word speaks clearly on this issue. Many churches have just assumed those filling the pews are pro-life—but studies like show over and over that is not the case! The church is thinking very much like the world, with little knowledge of God’s Word or understanding how to start with God’s Word and think biblically about these vital social issues.

HD Editors Note:

Christians are called in Scripture to stand up for Biblical Truth and be a restraining force in an ever increasingly wicked and godless world. Scripture says we are to be Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16). If Believers in Jesus Christ refuse to speak up on issues like abortion, there will be nothing to hold back this atrocity from becoming even more widespread.

We need to proclaim the Truth this world desperately needs: Jesus Christ did not come to tolerate our sins… He came to save us from our sin.


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