Lessons Indians Learn From the Pandemic, and Lessons We Learn From Them


Author:Peter Pan | Proofread/Editor: TCC | Audit: TCC| Page: Xiaoliuyue

After almost 300K accumulated death and 250-300K daily high infection, Mr. Bhagat reflects and elaborates on the problems in India (Ref 1). With a clear mind, he presents his observation of current Indian society, especially the flaws revealed under this horrific pandemic in India. Being Chinese, the similarities between us and our Indian friends always remind me of the same problems we are facing as a “developing” country. Bhagat’s words give me that feeling again.

The mentality of ‘us vs. them’ can be seen between Hindu and Muslim in India; however, even within the Hindus, there are different classes as described in this article. This is also applied to CCP-run China, including the POOR vs. the RICH, COUNTRYSIDE vs. BIG CITY, OFFICIALS vs. LABORS, etc. Prejudice, discrimination, and hatred are rooted everywhere and the Communist leaders tend to weaponize these differences for better control of the people.

Secondly, scientific narratives are basically government propaganda mixed with superstitions. As long as the CCP says that here’s the vaccine to take, you basically have no choice but to obey the order. This is not that the CCP a gun put against your head to force you, but just the voices repeatedly circulating in your head make you stop questioning about the vaccines. They do not even need to give you any reason for it. The CCP would always say that this is for your own good.

And who are the Indians competing with for the medals all the time? We, the Chinese, know the answer the best. I can’t agree more that no matter how many shining medals we win, we will not be able to change our third-world status. The superficial, worthless pride is the only thing that we can get. Not to mention, our so-called collective accomplishments often come from deceiving or cheating.

One good thing about India is that the people there still have their voices to express their dissents, especially when it comes to government negligence. Under the Great Fire Wall, government authorities would never be punished. But it’s not that hard to realize the troubles we have and who have caused them. We Chinese need to wake up and understand what blindfolds our eyes is merely a piece of leaf. Using our basic logic and common sense to keep a strong faith and to pursue the greater good, we shall conquer not only the pandemic but the communist regime as well.Reference

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