Let’s Stand and Fight Together Against the CCP to End This Pandemic


Communist China solemnly calls for three thorough investigations on the US side: first, a thorough investigation into the source of the epidemic in the US; second, a thorough investigation into the causes and those responsible for the US failure to fight the epidemic; and third, a thorough investigation into the problems at Fort Detrick and more than 200 overseas bio labs. We also call on the international community to work together to urge the US to cooperate with the investigation and provide transparent data and access.

  • The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s)Foreign Ministry always shouts and curses hysterically like a madman in public when responding to those reasonable questions from other countries.
  • While the U.S. is proposing an investigation into the CCP’s labs, it has already started investigating its own labs. That’s how the U.S. found out that the CCP has deeply infiltrated their scientific community.

Communist China’s Professor Li Zifeng of Yanshan University claimed to have overturned Einstein’s theory of relativity. This project he worked on featured adherence to Marxist philosophy.

  • This is not uncommon in the so-called scientific community of the Chinese Communist Party, which has constantly been challenging relativity quantum mechanics from the perspective of Marxism since the Cultural Revolution.
  • The CCP did not use any advanced ideas or scientific theories to disprove Einstein’s theory of special relativity. The CCP is just opposing for the sake of opposing, without any logic or scientific basis.
  • There will be no innovation on the CCP’s soil.

Col. Lawrence Sellin responded to Lu De Media’s previous show on Twitter, saying “If we stand and fight together, we will defeat the CCP”.

  • Mr. Lu De and the guests suggest more warriors can participate in Col. Sellin’s battle against the CCP.
  • This will not only destroy the CCP but also be an opportunity to learn how the American system works.