Limit the Time for Minors to Play Games and Allow 14-year-old Sex: Netizens Said They Found a Conspiracy by the Chinese Communist Government


Translated by: MOS Fitness Team – Gloria

China recently announced a notice to prevent minors from indulging in online games.  Minors can only play online games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays from 8 to 9 pm. Some netizens pointed out that China prohibits playing games under 18 years old, but agrees that sexual behaviors over 14 years old are legal; and joked that “government conspiracy was discovered.” Among them, netizens commented that the criminal law stipulates that the legal age for sex is 14 years old, and the unlimited age for online games is 18 years old. It also bans cram schools and opens three children. Do you know what you are doing in the past 4 years.

 Although online comments are jokes, they have aroused deep thoughts about the CCP’s abnormal psychology and evil ruling methods. The ethics of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and corrupt groups do not exist at all, and can even be described as heinous and extremely abnormal.  The CCP’s internal games are nothing more than sex and power.  On the surface, these policies and regulations are under the guise of “protecting the healthy growth of minors,” and their underlying purpose is not to assist the three-child policy.  The first is to continue to excuse those who molest underage girls, and many minor rapists particularly select children over the age of 14 to take advantage of this legal space. Another is to instill the CCP’s consciousness of fornication into the public, like “intellectuals go up and down the mountain.”   This round of cultural movement stifles the normal development of young people, promotes “sex and rights”, and invokes the evil that has been planted by the CCP through its years of education to ferment among the people. As a result, the educated younger generation are kept “busy” and “obsessed”, or  become a victim of child-sexers, even “die” on the bed, regenerating the historical tragedies of the “Cultural Revolution” and the “Red Guards”.

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