[Lude Express] Aso: Japan and US Must Defend Taiwan


Author: MOS Translation Group GBW

(Jul 6, 2021, Morning, Lu, Mo, & Na)

1. Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso says Japan and the US must defend Taiwan together because Japan’s survival is at stake.

a. Lude: Taro Aso is the former prime minister and has been the deputy prime minister since 2012. The Liberal Democratic Party was friendly to the CPP in the past.

b. Dr. Mo: Japan has made another step forward on Taiwan’s independence.

c. The CCP spokesperson Zhao Lijian says China is deeply disturbed by this and firmly opposes it.

d. Lude: The CCP’s response is quite soft.

e. Hu Xijin: Japan should understand the truth of “no action, no death.”

f. Lude: The CCP thought they could influence Japanese politics by hijacking Japanese companies in China, but not anymore.

g. Anna: Japanese culture respects the strong. So far, the CCP appears to be weak.

h. Dr. Mo: Japan’s stance is backed by the US and its own strength.

i. Lude: Japan must have thought through the consequences of the speech, such as threats from China, North Korea or Russia.

j. The CCP’s Taiwan Affairs Office asks Japan to immediately correct its mistake and it’s futile for the Democratic Progressive Party trying to collude with Japan.

k. Lude: Taiwan should accept help from Japan and the US. It’s dangerous if the KMT Party tries to reject the help from allies.

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