[Lude Express] Biden Says He Will Know Who’s the Hacker


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Jul 3, 2021, Evening, Lu, Bo, & Ai

1. Daily Mail: Biden says the US will retaliate if Russia was behind the mass cyberattack that hit at least 1000 American IT firms and says he will know for sure tomorrow. The hackers first targeted Florida-based Kaseya before spreading to other firms that use the company’s software.

a. Dr. Bo: Since Biden and Putin met on Jun 16, it’s unlikely that Russia is behind the attack. Only the CCP has motives to stir up trouble between the U.S. and Russia.

b. Lude: If the hacker is the CCP, it will mask itself as a third country. The CCP might even have a Cyber army stationed in Russia.

c. Lude: Biden and Putin discussed cooperation on Cyber security recently. Russia will help the US to locate the hacker very quickly.

2. Global Times: Wang Yi tells the US that no one can stop the complete reunification of China.

a. Dr. Bo: The Peace Forum is held at Tsinghua University. It’s absurd to talk about (peaceful or forceful) unification at a peace forum.

b. U.S. Commerce Secretary says Xi Jinping’s words about “copper walls and iron arms” are empty.

3. Wang Yi says the US is responsible for the Afghan problem.

a. Dr. Bo: The U.S. has tested a lot of new warfare methods in Afghanistan.

b. Dr. Bo: The CCP  just wants the U.S. to be bogged down in Afghanistan and not to come after the CCP.

4. Sina: Pentagon opposes sharing Taiwan Operational Plans with Japan.

a. Dr. Bo: The news is questionable.

b. Aili: The CCP is only good at sowing discord among enemies.

c. Lude: Historically, Japan did mainly security and relief work. The allies perform tasks based on their abilities and duties written in the agreement.

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