[Lude Express] CCP Elders’ No Show at CCP Centennial Performance


Author: MOS Translation Group GBW

(Jun 30, 2021, Morning, Lu, An, & Mo)

1. The CCP elderly Jiang Zeming, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Zhu Rongji did not attend the CCP centennial performance. However, other Jiang faction figures attended the performance.

a. Anhong: The elders are saying that they are not with Xi Jinping.

b. Lude: Hu Jintao is still in good health. A while ago Jiang Zemin appeared in public.

c. Dr. Mo: If the elderly wanted to attend, they would come on stretchers if necessary.

d. Lude: Other Jiang faction figures showed up and it was Xi’s way to show his strength and to embarrass Jiang Zeming.

e. Lude: Let’s see if the elders show up at Tiananmen tomorrow, how they interact with Xi and how they look on TV.

f. Dr. Mo: If the CCP’s internal discord is made public tomorrow, it will send a signal to the West that the CCP is weakening.

2. Government must have power to reverse crypto transactions, says co-chair of US blockchain caucus.

a. Lude: Federal courts have the power to require reversals, and government departments such as the FBI have the ability to enforce reversals.

b. An Hong: Once it can be reversed, it can be traced back to the criminals.

3. Japan’s Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi says that the Japanese government does not regard Taiwan as a “country” and that the “one China” position has never changed.

a. Lude: Japan did not say that Republic of China is not a country. A country and a government are different concepts.

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