[Lude Express] Marshall Calls Covid-19 a Bio-terrorism Weapon


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Jul 4, 2021, Evening, Lu & Ai

1. DiDi updated user privacy terms under U.S. listing rules before IPO. As a result, DiDi was pulled from the App store by the CCP.

a. Lude: Companies have to comply with rules. For example, online trading platform Robinhood will pay $70 million in penalties for its system-wide outages and misleading communication and trading practices.

b. Aili: The CCP forces companies to pick sides.

2. Global Times: U.S. celebrates Fourth of July amid anxiety and sense of uncertainty.

3. Fox: Senator Marshall calls Covid-19 China’s (CCP) bio-terrorism weapon.

a. Lude: If it’s terrorism, the U.S. can invoke anti-terrorism laws. Enemy combatants can be held at Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay prison is in Cuba, therefore, prisoners’ rights are not protected by U.S. law and their cases can be fast-tracked.

b. Lude: Enemy combatants are not protected by the prisoner-of-war treaties of the Geneva Convention.

c. Aili: All of the personnel waging unrestricted war against the US can be enemy combatants.

d. Lude: The CCP’s Cyber army also meets the definition of enemy combatants.

e. Lude: If the US deals with the CCP spies in the US, there are too many of them and the process will be very long, that’s the CCP’s unrestricted war. In Guantanamo, the CCP’s spies will be handled very quickly.

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