[Lude Express] No Western Democracies Congratulate the CCP


Author: MOS Translation Group GBW

(Jul 1, 2021, Morning, Lu, An, & Mo)

1. No Western democracies have congratulated the CCP on its 100th anniversary.

a. Lude: The CCP probably bought the congratulation letters. Western democracies will avoid congratulating Nazi-like parties. Even communist parties in North Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, France didn’t send their greetings.

b. Dr. Mo: At the ceremony, every CCP leader showed a sad face and didn’t interact with each other. The world is watching them make a fool of themselves.

c. Lude: Xi Jinping’s speech is full of Cultural Revolution vocabulary, such as “destroy an old world and create a new one.”

d. Dr. Mo: Xi can make any claims he wants but the CCP is not accepted by the world.

2. Sydney Morning Herald: The CCP’s 100th birthday is hollow. The CCP is isolated by the world because of Covid-19.

3. CNN publishes a 100-year timeline of the CCP, including the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen Massacre. Lude: The CCP’s history is all about killing. The CCP marched to Yan’an, found the people there easy to brainwash, and stayed. Today, the CCP specializes in finding people in backward regions to be its sacrifice, such as Africa.

4. Pompeo: One hundred years of the CCP is a century of killing fields and genocide. No political party has killed more people than the CCP.

5. Japan and India hold rare joint exercise in East China Sea, likely targeting China (CCP), says Japanese media. Dr. Mo: These two countries can provide logistic support to other allies.

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