Many Parts of Communist China Call Off Mandatory Vaccinations


Translated by Xunchi (MOS Education Group)

According to multiple media reports in Communist China, as of August 30, Ezhou and Shiyan of Hubei Province and Zhumadian of Henan Province have canceled their mandatory vaccination policies. Previously, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had been frantically conducting massive campaigns for the “CPC virus” vaccines across the country, starting with inducement in the early days then gradually shifting to coerced and forced injections. Wang Dengfeng, Director of Physical Education, Health and Arts of Communist China Ministry of Education, responded at a news conference on August 27 that though vaccination has many advantages … it cannot be mandatory especially cannot be linked to the enrollment and return to school for primary and secondary school students.

It is not clear yet the exact reason why CCP slowed down the mandatory vaccination policy. Some analysts pointed out that this change was made to quell mass incidents caused by resistance to “mandatory vaccination” around the country.

At the time when the primary and secondary schools are about to start in China, we should remind our compatriots at home not to vaccinate their children. Parents finally have some administrative basis to protect their children from the scourge of vaccines.


Posted by Ivy

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