Michael Flynn Rouses Tulsa: “We Have A President!”


There was a huge weekend-long rally this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Hopefully, it will be the first of many to help embolden people to rise up against the tyranny in this country and take back their local and state offices and school systems.  Many big names were in attendance, including Patrick Byrne and Mike Lindell.  However, one of the biggest moments of the night came when General Michael Flynn made an announcement during his speech:

“We have a president!” exclaimed Flynn to long and loud applause followed by chants of ‘USA!’

There is a new awakening happening in America, right now and this rousing event is evidence that it is strengthening.  Will you get more involved to organize against the tyranny occurring in local and state governments and school systems and businesses around the country?  That is what we need to do before the 2022 election season.  It is what the left already has organized for several decades.

The clip of Flynn can be found, here:

At around the 11:45 mark, below, Flynn explains himself very plainly in the full speech for context: